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   7 Cheshvan 5775 / Friday, October 31, 2014 | Torah Reading Lech Lecha       
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HomeBreslevpediaShlomo HaMelech
Shlomo HaMelech
By: Breslev Israel staff

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Shlomo HaMelech
King Solomon, son of David HaMelech, King David. Shlomo carried out the dream of his father, to build the Beit HaMikdash, the Temple, in about 1,000 B.C.E.
When HaShem offered him anything he wanted, Shlomo chose wisdom. Recognizing his wise choice, HaShem granted him riches as well as wisdom.
Shlomo was the author of several works in the "TANACH," the Hebrew Bible. According to our Tradition, found in Masechet Bava Batra, he wrote, "Shir HaShirim," the "Song of Songs," a love song between a "man" and a "woman" that is a metaphor for the relationship between HaShem and the Jewish People.
He also wrote "Mishlei," "Proverbs," a compendium of wise sayings; for example, "Let kindness and truth never leave you; tie them around your neck; write them on the tablet of your heart," (Mishlei 3:3) and "Consider the behavior of the ant, lazy one, observe its constant busy-ness, and gain wisdom." ("Mishlei" 6:6) and "Every wise woman builds her house; the foolish one destroys it with her own hands." ("Mishlei 14:1)
Another work by Shlomo is "Kohelet," "Ecclesiastes" (meaning "Preacher," according to one interpretation). This work considers all the philosophies of the world, including those alien to Judaism, but was retained in the Hebrew Bible by Chazal because of the conclusion, in which Shlomo says, "The end of the matter, everything having been heard, is 'Fear the L-rd and perform His Commandments, for this is the purpose of Man.' " 



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