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   8 Cheshvan 5775 / Saturday, November 01, 2014 | Torah Reading Lech Lecha       
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Death Train  
Death Train
By L. Dekelman and C. Rubin
At one point, the train stopped in Kashau, Hungary, and in the station a bucket of water was passed into our car. Try to imagine sharing one bucket...
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Still Burning  
Still Burning
By Breslev Israel staff
As told to Rabbi Shlomo Carlebach, zt'l - We stood there, frightened and excited. Who would have dreamed that one small flame could give off so much light? Suddenly, a German...
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The Brother`s Blood  
The Brother's Blood
By David Kranzler
Something much more drastic had to be done. But Rabbi Schonfeld at first did not dare spell out his plans. He was afraid he would...
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The White Angel of Auschwitz  
The White Angel of Auschwitz
By Joseph Friedenson
I began checking one infirmary barrack after another. Everyone knew the name Orlean, but no one knew where she could be found...
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My Story  
My Story
By Solomon Radasky
When they asked my mother for jewelry and furs, she said she had none. So they shot her and my older sister too...
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The Power of Gratitude  
The Power of Gratitude
By Debbie Shapiro
Maybe this was a trap? He glanced around the lobby. They were alone. “You are a German,” he said to the doorman, pointedly looking into his eyes. “I am a Jew..
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Missing Children  
Missing Children
By Debbie Shapiro
Prior to the holocaust approximately 1.6 million Jewish children were living in Nazi occupied Europe. An estimated 1.5 million of them were murdered...
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The Ultimate Victory  
The Ultimate Victory
By Debbie Shapiro
“We used to be friends in Europe, a long time ago, before the war. He was such a wonderful person; it’s not surprising that he’d have a grandson like you.”
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First Day in Auschwitz  
First Day in Auschwitz
By I.I. Cohen
We had arrived in the valley of sorrow, in the valley of death. I grabbed my most precious possession, my tefillin, and began to run in the direction I was...
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Our Future  
Our Future
By Debbie Shapiro
They danced with a surge of energy that they had not felt before. If a Jewish child exists in this world, then he can be taught the Torah, and the chain of...
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Scary Memories  
Scary Memories
By Vanessa Falagian
I hear cries all around me. I can smell the sickness in the air, hear the cold back-shivering screams of people being shot or beaten, of women and children...
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Eva Galler`s Story  
Eva Galler's Story
By Eva Galler
My little brother looked for crumbs on the floor because he was hungry and wanted more, but nobody could have more. Now I feel so guilty. I hit him because he...
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A Spiritual Revolt  
A Spiritual Revolt
By Debbie Shapiro
Surie couldn’t take it any longer. She couldn’t watch her friends suffer because of her desire for a mitzvah. She wondered when the commandant would begin...
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To Rock In The Sun  
To Rock In The Sun
By Our Readers
There will be bad times, for you, Mirele, I know. But just think about me holding you, rocking you to sleep in the sunlight. Keep that sunlight in your heart always.
Full Story
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