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   18 Nissan 5774 / Friday, April 18, 2014 | Torah Reading Shabbat - Chol Hamoed Passover       
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Anna`s Way  
Anna's Way
By Dr. Zev Ballen
Anna was 10 years old she woke up from hunger and the freezing cold; she got up to look for her parents but they were gone. She was alone with her 6 year old brother..
Full Story
The Fifth Jump  
The Fifth Jump
By Captain David Ruderman Chaplain, US Army
A Sabbath-observant soldier in the United States Army was sent to paratroop school. He only needed one more jump to graduate, but the last jump was scheduled for Saturday...
Full Story
Jacob`s Story  
Jacob's Story
By Jacob Lunon
Orphaned Jacob grew up fighting, contending with the discrimination and hate that surrounded him. His life is the saga of an era, symbolic of the ongoing emuna revolution...
Full Story
The Vanishing Act  
The Vanishing Act
By Mirah Halperin
The husband got out of the car, and to the astonishment of his wife and daughter, he disappeared into thin air; he totally vanished, as bizarre as it sounds...
Full Story
By Rivka Levy
Sometimes, even being thoroughly stuck, and being sidelined, and being shown your own immense limitations can be part of the process of ultimately freeing you...
Full Story
My Kidney, With Love  
My Kidney, With Love
By Shellie Berman-Grafstein
Donating my kidney was a marvelous thing to do. It really saves a life. But for me, it wasn’t really a matter of choice, it was what G-d would want me to do...
Full Story
Nurse, Nun and Nachman  
Nurse, Nun and Nachman
By Tamar Becker
Tamar's amazing life journey has taken her from being a nurse and officer in the military, to being a nun in a convent, to ultimately discovering Judaism and Rebbe Nachman...
Full Story
Meet Breslev Israel`s Writers  
Meet Breslev Israel's Writers
By Chaya Golda Ovadia
Racheli Reckles, now staff writer at Breslev Israel, made aliya nearly two years ago with her husband David. How did a Yuppy Miami couple become trailblazers of Jewish Outreach?
Full Story
From Head to Toe  
From Head to Toe
By Chaya Golda Ovadia
I set the huge knife I was using on the counter; accidentally, I knocked the it off the countertop causing it to fall straight down into my foot...
Full Story
Strange Messengers  
Strange Messengers
By Channa Coggan
Suddenly, one of the Arabs knocked on the front passenger window of my car. My heart skipped a beat. I didn’t know what he wanted and I didn’t care to find out...
Full Story
Back in the War Zone  
Back in the War Zone
By Rivka Levy
The south of israel has become the emuna capital of the world; without emuna, one would lose sanity trying to "get used" to the rockets from Gaza...
Full Story
Frida`s Story  
Frida's Story
By Dr. Zev Ballen
How did Frida survive? Rav Shalom Arush said that there was actually a greater revelation of Hashem's Light in the Holocaust than there was during the time of the Holy Temple...
Full Story
Great Expectations  
Great Expectations
By Natalie Kovan
New York City is flooded, but here in Ramat Bet Shemesh, we just wanted a little plastic pool in the back yard. A big deal? Hashem had different plans...
Full Story
Gali, Come Back!  
Gali, Come Back!
By Jonathan Aminoff
Jonathan, a volunteer paramedic and twenty veteran of Hatzalah, came home to his vacation condo only to find his 2-year old at the bottom of the pool...
Full Story
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