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   4 Av 5774 / Thursday, July 31, 2014 | Torah Reading Devarim       
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What is a Tzaddik?  
What is a Tzaddik?
By Rabbi David Charlop
Parshat Devorim: the Torah paints pictures of towering righteous figures in order to teach us the attainable goal of personal development and transformation...
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Two Types of Jealousy  
Two Types of Jealousy
By Rabbi David Charlop
Parshat Pinchas: There are 2 types of jealousy - one is wanting something which is rightfully not his own and the other wanting back something which is rightfully his...
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Yearning for the Gold  
Yearning for the Gold
By Rabbi David Charlop
Parshat Bechukotai: Why does the world honor the Olympic gold medalist and not the Torah scholar? Could it be that the champion athlete is more dedicated?
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Loving Our Land  
Loving Our Land
By Rabbi David Charlop
Parshat Behar: Italians love Italy. The Irish are crazy about Ireland. And even New Yorkers love New York. So why shouldn't the Jewish people love the land of Israel?
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Doing What We`re Told  
Doing What We're Told
By Rabbi David Charlop
Parshat Shmini: Why was the "non-commanded" incense offering of Nadav and Avihu, with all its holy intentions, considered such a serious breach in the Temple service?
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By Rabbi David Charlop
Parshat Tzav: The cycles of light and dark, day and night, represent the ebb and flow of our lives. Our internal and external worlds are sometimes light, sometimes dark...
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Including the Red  
Including the Red
By Rabbi David Charlop
Parshat Vayikra: The Temple was surely holy, yet the scene of slaughtering animals doesn't seem to capture the picture of spirituality that we might have expected...
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