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   28 Tishrei 5775 / Wednesday, October 22, 2014 | Torah Reading Noach       
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The King's Crown

The King's Crown - Introduction to Tefillin The King's Crown - Introduction to Tefillin
The King's Crown - Introduction to Tefillin Creation was an act of giving and love. It was a love so immense that the human mind cannot begin to fathom it. Tefillin are a sign of that love, a sign of the eternal bond between God and His nation. Faith and love are very tenuous. We can speak of them and think about them. But unless we do something about them we tend to forget; Tefillin serve to help us remember. Tefillin bind us with the Almighty… 
How to Put on Tefillin How to Put on Tefillin
How to Put on TefillinRoll up your sleeve so that the Tefillin is in direct contact with your arm. Put your arm through the loop formed by the knotted strap. Place the black box up on your biceps, just below the halfway point between the shoulder and the elbow right across from your heart (see illustration).

"How to Put on Tefillin" is a step by step illustrated guide, written especially for the beginner.
How Tefillin are made How Tefillin are made

How Tefillin are made There are many laws and requirements regarding the making of tefillin, and it takes many years of training to qualify the scribes and craftsmen who make them. This is a basic description of how Tefillin are made.

Rabbeinu Tam's Tefillin – A Chassidic Insight Rabbeinu Tam's Tefillin – A Chassidic Insight

Rabbeinu Tam's Tefillin – A Chassidic InsightThere is a difference of opinion regarding the order in which the passages are inserted into the Tefillin boxes. According to Rashi, the passage of Shema ("Here O Israel") precedes that of "And it shall come to pass, if you hearken", in both the Tefillin worn on the head and on the arm. According to Rabbeinu Tam, the order is reversed. Rabbeinu Tam's Tefillin expand the intelligence, enabling us to break evil at its source and stand up against the forces of evil.

Women and Tefillin Women and Tefillin

Women and TefillinThe late Rabbi Aryeh Kaplan, in his classic pamphlet "Tefillin" explains that we bind ourselves to God through emulating Him. Women resemble God in a way that no man could ever hope to… a woman partakes of God's attributes more intimately than any man.


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