4 Adar A 5776 / Saturday, February 13, 2016 | Torah Reading: Teruma
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Immodest Woman  
  Immodest Woman  
By Racheli Reckles
Update date: 2/5/2016, 11:26
Do you remember Lenny Kravitz singing Guess Who's hit, "American Woman'? Here's the song again, after having been koshered by Racheli Reckles...  

The Anti-Aging Woman  
  The Anti-Aging Woman  
By Racheli Reckles
Publish date: 3/23/2014, 21:06
Stella thinks that most modestly-dressed women are simply unattractive, and that the laws of modesty are repressive and archaic; Racheli Reckles answers her...  

Meet Breslev Israel  
  Meet Breslev Israel's Writers  
By Chaya Golda Ovadia
Publish date: 2/4/2013, 18:48
Racheli Reckles, now staff writer at Breslev Israel, made aliya nearly two years ago with her husband David. How did a Yuppy Miami couple become trailblazers of Jewish Outreach?  

The Truth about Vaccines  
  The Truth about Vaccines  
By Racheli Reckles
Publish date: 6/23/2012, 22:13
Racheli Reckles takes an in-depth look at vaccines in a rebuttal to a previous article written by Justin Taylor? Should vaccinate our children, or not?  

USA Today: a Police State?  
  USA Today: a Police State?  
By Justin Taylor
Publish date: 5/5/2012, 22:24
Justin Taylor takes an in-depth look at Racheli Reckles's recent article “Police States of America,” shedding light on the FEMA camps and other controversies...  

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