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   19 Nissan 5774 / Saturday, April 19, 2014 | Torah Reading Shabbat - Chol Hamoed Passover       
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Basic Judaism - English
    Gateway to Judaism
The What, How and Why of Jewish Life by Rabbi Mordechai Becher

Questions are the gateways to knowledge. After years of responding to the queries of people from all walks of life, Rabbi Becher saw the need for a single volume that would explain the fundamentals of Jewish living; the philosophy behind Jewish tradition, along with practical explanations of how Jews actually live. Gateway to Judaism offers an engaging insider's look at the mindset, values, and practices of Judaism in the 21st century.

Some of the fascinating questions which Rabbi Becher addresses in Gateway to Judaism are:

  • In the age of modern conveniences do we really need a Sabbath?
  • What is Judaism's view on death and the afterlife?
  • Why is Judaism so full of laws?
  • Why should I pray? Does God really want to hear my complaints?
  • Can Judaism enhance my marriage?
  • What does Judaism say about raising and educating children?
  • Isn't circumcision just an ancient rite of initiation? What relevance does it have today?
  • Why is Israel so central to Judaism? Does a religion need a land?
  • How can I conduct a Passover Seder if I can barely read Hebrew?

Each chapter includes:

  • An overview and philosophical introduction to the topic, including rationale and sources
  • Practical laws and instructions
  • Extensive endnotes, which provide a valuable reference tool for scholars, teachers and students of Judaism
  • Vignettes of the lively Levy family demonstrate how these topics apply in daily life

Rabbi Becher demonstrates the relevance of Judaism's timeless principles and its ability to transform and elevate the individual, the family and the community. His book opens the door for the newcomer to Judaism, while at the same time providing new insights into its significance for those already familiar with the joy of Jewish living. Highly recommended!

Artscroll, hardcover, 518 pages

Our Price: USD $ 35.70 List Price: USD $ 48.30 You Save: 26%
    G-d Winked
Life is a journey and spirituality is a process. How can a girl born and raised in conservative Judaism travel from there through an ashram and end up as an observant Jew living in the Old City in Jerusalem? The choices and chances taken to grow and realize this potential are poignantly and interestingly conveyed in this true life story of one who made the trip and learned the way back to Hashem and His ways. Don't miss this beautifully written odyssey of discovery and return. A colorful and inspiring work that should be on your need-to-read list!
Our Price: USD $ 21.40 List Price: USD $ 25.40 You Save: 16%
    Get High - Uplifting Sayings by Rabbi Shlomo Carlebach

Get High - Uplifting Sayings by Rabbi Shlomo Carlebach, compiled by Zivi Ritchie

Get inspired! This little book packs a lot of punch. Filled with uplifting thoughts by Rabbi Shlomo Carlebach zt"l.

Pocket size paperback, 32 pages.

Our Price: USD $ 4.30 List Price: USD $ 5.80 You Save: 25%
    Growing Each Day
Thoughts and ideas, plus ways we can personally implement what we learn every single day by Rabbi Abraham J Twerski, MD, based on the popular format of his popular book designed for daily study: Living Each Day.

Artscroll, hardcover, 364 pages
Our Price: USD $ 31.40 List Price: USD $ 37.10 You Save: 15%
    Guidelines: Chanukah

Presents more than 200 of the most commonly asked questions about Chanukah.  Very informative!

Feldheim, 92 pages.

Our Price: USD $ 14.00 List Price: USD $ 16.90 You Save: 17%
    History of the Jewish People - Volume 1
History of the Jewish People - The Second Temple Era

A fascinating volume which explains the history of the Jewish people during the second Temple period. Follow the likes of Shimon the Tzaddik, the Maccabees, Yochanan ben Zakkai, Hillel and Alexander the Great as they protect and defend the Jewish people in Israel, the seige of Jerusalem and its eventual fall. Learn all about the Second Temple Era, which served as a bridge between the glory of the first Temple and the pain of the exile, and prepared the groundwork for the Jewish people to persevere through continued oppression and dispersion, against all odds. An exciting and fascinating work!

Artscroll, hardcover, 226 pages.
Our Price: USD $ 30.30 List Price: USD $ 36.30 You Save: 17%
    History of the Jewish People - Volume 2

History of the Jewish People - From Yavneh to Pumbedisa - Nine Centuries from the Destruction of the Second Temple to the End of the Geonic Period

A fascinating volume which explains the history of the Jewish people throughout the first millenia. Follow the likes of Rabban Gamliel, Rabbi Akiva, and Rabbi Yehuda the Prince, as they face the Romans, Babylonians, Byzantines and Moslems, and yet create monuments of Torah such as the Mishnah, the Talmud, and the Geonic Responsa. Learn about the institutions that were the pillars of Jewish life throughout the era, and the triumphs and trials of the Jewish people through it all.

Artscroll, hardcover, 332 pages.

Our Price: USD $ 30.30 List Price: USD $ 36.30 You Save: 17%
    Holy Woman
The Road to Greatness of Rebbetzin Chaya Sara Kramer by Sara Yoheved Rigler

Visitors streamed to them for guidance and blessings; leading Rabbonim treated them with reverence. Living in a humble shack, poverty clung to them like the dust of the surrounding Jezre'el Valley. Childless themselves, they cared for cast-off children with profound handicaps. By life's end, Rebbitzen Chaya Sara Kramer, together with her husband Rabbi Yaakov Moshe Kramer, had transformed the lives of tens of thousands of people worldwide.

This book chronicles a fascinating story of these hidden tzaddikim. But it is far more than a biography. It is a manual - a map of lessons - delineating Rebbitzen Kramer's prescription for personal greatness. An amazing person with a rare degree of humility, she left us a legacy of experience, knowledge and wisdom by which to elevate our own lives.

Author Sara Yoheved Rigler, a talented and refreshing writer, draws the reader deeply into the circle of her own close personal relationship with Rebbitzen Kramer. While the story line is riveting, the life lessons are profoundly applicable. A page-turner unlike any you've read, the messages of Holy Woman will inspire you to new heights of Torah living and learning.

Artscroll, hardcover, 373 pages

Our Price: USD $ 30.30 List Price: USD $ 36.30 You Save: 17%
    In One Era, Out the Other

Michael Kaufman's In One Era, Out the Other is a moving and poignant story of an individual, a community, and yes, an era. It is a brilliantly crafted portrait of a wonderful world that was, bringing to life the Catskills and mid-20th century Williamsburg, an original shtetl in the heart of New York, which with its towering Torah personalities and its colorful poshiteh Yidden has exerted such an extraordinary impact upon the American Jewry of our day.

The author's wide-ranging activities in Jewish life in America and Israel provide the backdrop for vivid vignettes of some of the legendary Jewish personalities of the period, ranging from Rabbis Aharon Kotler, Shraga Feivel Mendlowitz and the Satmar and Klausenberger Rebbes, to Irving Bunim and Rabbis Meir Kahane and Shlomo Catrlebach. An amazing insight in to American Jewry...where it began...where it's heading. A blockbuster-not to be missed!
Hardcover. 564 pages.

Our Price: USD $ 31.40 List Price: USD $ 35.70 You Save: 12%
    In the Footsteps of the Maggid
Inspirational Stories and Parables about Eminent People of Yesterday and Today by Rabbi Paysach Krohn

This book brings us wisdom, humor, love, and idealism. It introduces us to many great sages and heroes of the spirit. Rabbi Krohn presents them with the same zest that he brings to his popular lecture appearances. Not only zest, but also sensitivity because it takes a warm and wise human being to tell those stories with such elegance and to draw from them the lessons that can enrich countless thousands of individual and family lives.

Perceptive people have noted that from the teachings and rulings of our sages we learn what the Torah commands. But from their personal behavior and concern for others we learn what the Torah makes of people.When we meet the great people in this book, the famous ones like the Bais Helevi and Rabbi Yaakov Kaminetzky, and the almost anonymous ones like the mother who sat on the steps of an overcrowded yeshiva for days until it managed to find a place for her son -- we marvel, smile, and cry. We are elevated.

Artscroll, paperback, 288 pages

Our Price: USD $ 27.20 List Price: USD $ 31.40 You Save: 14%

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