5 Kislev 5777 / Monday, December 05, 2016 | Torah Reading: Vayeitzei
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    23 Under 1 Roof - The New House
Nothing that happens in the Schneider household is normal! Read all about the Schneider's 21 children's latest adventures in their new home! Lots of excitment awaits!
Our Price: USD $ 19.60 List Price: USD $ 26.10 You Save: 25%
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    A Day Full of Mitzvos
Miri and Moshe use their toys and imagination in order to provide young readers with a glimpse into the joyous world of mitzvah observance. By Sara Leah Seltzer
Our Price: USD $ 12.80 List Price: USD $ 13.30 You Save: 4%
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    Bat'em-in Benjie
Benjie teaches everyone at the baseball game what it really means to score big! By Chanie Friedman.
Our Price: USD $ 12.80 List Price: USD $ 14.40 You Save: 11%
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    Benjy's Room
Benjy wishes that he didn't have to share his bedroom with all his siblings. But when he gets a room of his own, he discovers that his troubles are far from over. By Esther van Handel
Our Price: USD $ 11.80 List Price: USD $ 14.40 You Save: 18%
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    Birkas HaChaim – The Wonders of Our Body
A beautifully written book that includes amazing illustrations and examples of all the wonders we should have in mind when we say the various blessings listed on every page. By Michal Stein & Devorah Kroizer.
Our Price: USD $ 19.60 List Price: USD $ 24.80 You Save: 21%
    David Yefe Einayim (Hebrew)
An educational storybook for children about King David's as a youth. By Rabbi Shalom Arush.
Our Price: USD $ 7.60 List Price: USD $ 9.20 You Save: 17%
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    Dirty Tzitzit, Shiny Neshama
Enjoy this charming book about Zalman's adventures and find out how he may have the dirtiest clothes in town yet the shiniest neshama by far. By Tsivya Fox
Our Price: USD $ 5.80 List Price: USD $ 10.50 You Save: 45%
    Donny and Deeny Help the King
Everyone wanted to make something special for the king, but Donny and Deeny couldn't make anything. In the end, they save the day and make the king smile. Find out how... By Ella Adler.
Our Price: USD $ 11.50 List Price: USD $ 13.30 You Save: 14%
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