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   29 Tishrei 5775 / Thursday, October 23, 2014 | Torah Reading Noach       
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Family and Relationships
Our Price: USD $ 14.70 List Price: USD $ 20.60 You Save: 29%
Our Price: USD $ 20.60 List Price: USD $ 23.50 You Save: 13%
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    10 Minutes a Day to a Better Marriage

Ten Minutes a Day to a Better Marriage - Mastering the Art of Effective Communication with your Spouse

Even if your marriage is great, it can be better. And working on it 10 minutes a day is all it takes. Improving communication between you and your spouse is the key to enhance your relationship. Dr. Meir Wikler, one of the Orthodox community’s leading family counselors, shows how effective communication skills can help us deal with issues as minor as setting the thermostat temperature or as critical as what schools the children will attend.

Based on his extensive experience in counseling and replete with case history examples, this marriage manual is for every couple. Highly recommended!

Artscroll, hardcover, 312 pages

Our Price: USD $ 31.20 List Price: USD $ 33.80 You Save: 8%
    22 Promises

Yisrael Meir, a young litvishe avreich, wakes up one morning with an urge to become a Milchover Chassid. Having lived a litvishe way of life for 20 years, his wife Goldie is shocked at this dramatic change...a personal meeting with the rebbe...spiritual experiences...tisches? The young family is sucked into an emotional whirlpool as parents, friends and neighbors intervene...
And then Naama - the whitewasher's daughter, educator and writer - comes to the rescue with her own moving, personal story. A story packed with emotional inflexibility, spiritual yearning and the blessings of profound and sensitive understanding.

For 18 months, MIshpacha readers have been following this story with nervous excitement and the deepest empathy. They do not need a recommendation to read this book! They've been waiting for it with bated breath!!
Goldie, Yisrael Meir, their parents, little Avrumele Tirza (the elated bride) and her scholarly groom (bothered by her great-great-grandfather from Kotzk)...these larger-than-life characters have kept  readers spellbound and shocked, brought tears to their eyes and smiles to their much so that Mishpacha readers wait for the next episode as if...AS IF WHAT!?

Now you too can read it and see for yourself!!  Rivetting! Don't miss it!

Our Price: USD $ 35.30 List Price: USD $ 39.70 You Save: 11%
    A Dollar's Worth?
Are all Americans rich?

Like many Israelis, Dini, Etty, and her friends were under that impression.  They were right, regarding Chaya Goldman, until suddenly, the situation underwent a sudden change.
The story of the Goldman family's aliya from New York to Jerusalem and its painful financial blow, is also the story of how Chaya and her new friends mature in their outlook on life and its values.
Will Chaya bridge the cultural gaps and find her niche in this seventh grade?
Dini, on the social fringe of her class, fails to be socially accepted. Can she burst through the barrier of rejection?
Ricki, full of complaints about life in Israel, is determined to return to finish school in Boro Park. What are her chances of changing her outlook?
Etty, the class 'queen', is embittered, jealous and hostile. Her family's difficult financial situation triggers nasty outbursts, generally against Chaya Goldman. Will this situation remain the same?
This book, serialized in Zarkor Children's Magazine, was followed with great enthusiasm by all ages.
A chapter in life everyone can relate to. Not to be missed!
Our Price: USD $ 35.30 List Price: USD $ 39.70 You Save: 11%
    Ask Rebbetzin Faige
A Popular and Insightful Counselor Deals with Real Life Situations

For years, readers of Hamodia and Aish have enjoyed the lively question-answer interactions with Rebbetzin Faige Twerski of Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Now comes the long-awaited compilation of many of her finest articles. Brimming with pragmatic solutions for hard-hitting questions, Ask Rebbetzin Faige is a refreshing resource for navigating a wide range of challenges in Jewish life. These pages reflect the Torah's formula for life management in challenging times.

Artscroll, paperback, 316 pages
Our Price: USD $ 26.20 List Price: USD $ 30.90 You Save: 15%
    Bar Mitzvah

Bar Mitzvah - Rabbi Shlomo Carlebach, compiled by Zivi Ritchie

Beautiful blessings of Rabbi Shlomo Carlebach zt"l gave on the occasion of various Bar and Bat Mitzvah celebrations.

Pocket size paperback, 30 pages.

Our Price: USD $ 4.40 List Price: USD $ 5.90 You Save: 25%
    B'Gan Eden M'Kedem - Hebrew
Guide to "Shalom Bayit" peace in the home and advice on relationships, starting with the first date. Laws of family purity + special prayers for a bride, shalom bayit and more... For men and women, recommended. By Rabbi Shalom Arush, Hebrew 
Our Price: USD $ 13.30 List Price: USD $ 14.70 You Save: 10%

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