24 Tishrei 5776 / Wednesday, October 07, 2015 | Torah Reading: Bereishit
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 Jewish Law Jewish Law
    194 Mitzvos for Today
Our Price: USD $ 11.70 List Price: USD $ 14.30 You Save: 18%
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    B'Sha'ah Tova
Our Price: USD $ 29.90 List Price: USD $ 37.70 You Save: 21%
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    Chofetz Chaim - A Daily Companion
The Chofetz Chaim’s influence continues to grow, as thousands upon thousands adopt his message that the tongue can be a priceless tool or a lethal weapon. This new book is a vital gift for those who “wish to live” and “guard their tongues,” and long to learn how. What may one say
Our Price: USD $ 27.30 List Price: USD $ 29.90 You Save: 9%
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    Chofetz Chaim - A Lesson a Day
Our Price: USD $ 25.20 List Price: USD $ 29.90 You Save: 16%
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    Chofetz Chaim - A Lesson a Day - Hard-Bound Pocket - Sized
In giving Jews the Torah, G-d granted them a system of laws and beliefs designed to elevate the human personality to a lofty state. Among these laws, the principles of shmiras haloshon -- harnessing the awesome power of the tongue -- address most directly the question of what G-d
Our Price: USD $ 31.00 List Price: USD $ 36.10 You Save: 14%
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    Chofetz Chaim: A Daily Companion - Pocket Edition
Our Price: USD $ 9.90 List Price: USD $ 18.00 You Save: 45%
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    Chol HaMoed
A Comprehensive Review of the Laws of the Intermediate Days of the Festivals by Rabbi Dovid Zucker & Rabbi Moshe Francis This illuminating volume is one of a kind, in that it deals with the practical realities of modern-day life during Chol HaMoed - the intermediate days of th
Our Price: USD $ 19.00 List Price: USD $ 31.50 You Save: 40%
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    Dangerous Disease & Dangerous Therapy
Dangerous Disease & Dangerous Therapy in Jewish Medical Ethics: Principles and Practice by Akiva Tatz Best-selling author and doctor Akiva Tatz's new book on medical ethics in Judaism is here! A detailed treatise on a wide range of medical topics including euthanasia, live organ
Our Price: USD $ 25.80 List Price: USD $ 33.60 You Save: 23%
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