2 Adar A 5776 / Thursday, February 11, 2016 | Torah Reading: Teruma
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 Jewish Law Jewish Law
    194 Mitzvos for Today
Our Price: USD $ 11.60 List Price: USD $ 14.20 You Save: 18%
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    B'Sha'ah Tova
This book is a must have for every woman! It is the guide to pregnancy and childbirth for the Jewish woman, and includes both sound advice for every expectant woman, as well as answers to common questions pertaining to Jewish law, such as fasting, going to the hospital on Shabbos
Our Price: USD $ 29.70 List Price: USD $ 37.40 You Save: 21%
    Chofetz Chaim - A Daily Companion
The Chofetz Chaim’s influence continues to grow, as thousands upon thousands adopt his message that the tongue can be a priceless tool or a lethal weapon. This new book is a vital gift for those who “wish to live” and “guard their tongues,” and long to learn how. What may one say
Our Price: USD $ 27.10 List Price: USD $ 29.70 You Save: 9%
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    Chofetz Chaim - A Lesson a Day
Our Price: USD $ 25.00 List Price: USD $ 29.70 You Save: 16%
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    Chofetz Chaim - A Lesson a Day - Hard-Bound Pocket - Sized
In giving Jews the Torah, G-d granted them a system of laws and beliefs designed to elevate the human personality to a lofty state. Among these laws, the principles of shmiras haloshon -- harnessing the awesome power of the tongue -- address most directly the question of what G-d
Our Price: USD $ 30.70 List Price: USD $ 35.80 You Save: 14%
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    Chofetz Chaim: A Daily Companion - Pocket Edition
Our Price: USD $ 9.80 List Price: USD $ 17.80 You Save: 45%
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    Chol HaMoed
A Comprehensive Review of the Laws of the Intermediate Days of the Festivals by Rabbi Dovid Zucker & Rabbi Moshe Francis This illuminating volume is one of a kind, in that it deals with the practical realities of modern-day life during Chol HaMoed - the intermediate days of th
Our Price: USD $ 18.80 List Price: USD $ 31.20 You Save: 40%
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    Dangerous Disease & Dangerous Therapy
Dangerous Disease & Dangerous Therapy in Jewish Medical Ethics: Principles and Practice by Akiva Tatz Best-selling author and doctor Akiva Tatz's new book on medical ethics in Judaism is here! A detailed treatise on a wide range of medical topics including euthanasia, live organ
Our Price: USD $ 25.50 List Price: USD $ 33.30 You Save: 23%
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