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   27 Tishrei 5775 / Tuesday, October 21, 2014 | Torah Reading Noach       
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Shabbat and Holidays
    A Treasury of Chassidic Tales on the Festivals

A collection of inspirational chassidic stories, this book represents a slice of the priceless pre-Holocaust heritage of the vanished communities of Eastern Europe -- a breath of Jewish soul. Hundreds of tales, all the great masters, the grandeur of the great chassidic courts, the inner pride of the humble shtetl, miracle workers and conquerors of self -- all are here in Rabbi Zevin’s masterpiece. Never before has the English reader had access to chassidic lore as seen through the eyes of a genuine Torah giant. To Rabbi Zevin, chassidim was not a curiosity or a historical relic; it was both vibrant and intellectual -- and it was a way of life which he lived, not merely observed.

Its Hebrew edition, Sippurei Chassidim, is probably the most popular work of its kind, and has gone through many printings. Now -- finally -- this consummate blend of warmth, wisdom, inspiration, history, and Torah interpretation is available in English.

See also: Treasury of Chassidic Tales on the Torah

Artscroll, hardcover, 542 pages

Our Price: USD $ 23.00 List Price: USD $ 41.10 You Save: 44%
    Abarbanel Haggadah
In this adaptation, the reader studies the Haggadah as Don Yitzchak Abarbanel, finance minister to King Ferdinand and Queen Isabella of Spain, understood it.  Utilizing his unique method of asking stimulating questions on which he focuses his commentary, Abarbanel combines the classic teachings of the sages with his own insights, and presents them in such a way that they provide a clearer understanding of the turbulent times in which he lived. And in our times as well.

This is one of the essential commentaries that clarifies every passage of the Haggadah and lets its illumination  filter out  to other areas of Torah and to the lives of its readers, in every country and age.
Our Price: USD $ 29.10 List Price: USD $ 33.80 You Save: 14%
    New Baal Shem Tov--Divine Light Volume II
The basis of Chassidic thought derives from the powerful spirit of the Baal Shem Tov probing the mystical aspects of the Torah.  The most fundamental teaching of Chassidism is that the whole universe is a manifestation of the Divine.,,not an emanation but an actual portion of G-d...nothing is separate from G-d.  Everyone and everything in the universe are directly, at all times, overseen by G-d.

The teachings of the Baal Shem Tov, to even the unlearned Jews, emphasized each person's continuous spiritual union with G-d and that enthusiasm and joy are essential to an experiential relationship with The Holy One, blessed be He.

The deeds and sayings of the Baal Shem Tov tell their own story: a pure heart and a Divine soul will be moved by the actions and sayings of one who devoted his entire life to lead, guide and inspire Jewish people to have a life filled with joy and in accordance with their ancestral Torah traditions.

This book shines the Baal Shem Tov's Divine light upon those drawn to its contents.

Incredibly insightful! not to be missed!!
Our Price: USD $ 13.30 List Price: USD $ 16.20 You Save: 18%

What is Chanukah? To the devout, it is the spiritual glow of the menorah and its flames. To the child, it is dreidels, coins and gifts. To the modern man it is a festival of freedom. But what is Chanukah--really? When did it happen? How long did it take to subdue Antiochus  and his army? Does it celebrate a genuine military victory? What is the spiritual significance? Who were the Maccabees? What are the prayers, laws and rituals of Chanukah?
No other book on Chanukah has ever succeeded so well in weaving together so many of the festival's threads to form a tapestry of beauty and richness.  This is the book for anyone who wants the answer to the question, "What is Chanukah?"

Our Price: USD $ 30.90 List Price: USD $ 41.10 You Save: 25%
    Days of Joy - Sfas Emes on Chanukah and Purim
Rabbi Yosef Stern masterfully anthologized and adapted the teachings of the Sfas Emes - Rabbi Yehudah Aryeh of Ger - on Chanukah and Purim into one remarkable volume.

Artscroll, paperback, 350 pages
Our Price: USD $ 25.90 List Price: USD $ 32.30 You Save: 20%
    Do You Know Hilchos Shabbos?

It is the halachos of Shabbos that create the framework for our Shabbos activities. Clearly, we need to know the halachos to observe Shabbos properly and in order to gain thew most from it. There are volumes of excellent sefarim already available to study all the laws of Shabbos from beginning to end...but how many of us have time for that?

This sefer is designed for people with more limited time who want to learn or review Shabbos laws in a stimulating way. There are nearly five hundred questions arranged in an interesting question & answer format  to stimulate and educate e with a touch of humor and a friendly style, with answers that can sometimes encourage  our children on how to interact with family members...lessons they can later remember warmly to infuse their own Jewish homes with simcha on Shabbos.  A  treasury of Shabbos knowledge!  Make it a part of your library today!!

Our Price: USD $ 30.90 List Price: USD $ 35.30 You Save: 12%
    Guidelines: Purim

This collection of the laws of Purim is a concise, well structured and clear compendium that will be a guide to those not proficient enough to study the original sources and an aid for review and clarity to those who do study the original sources.

Our Price: USD $ 13.30 List Price: USD $ 17.40 You Save: 24%
    Haggadah Simchas Yaabetz
In this commentary, Rabbi Cohen reveals the brilliance that has made him a magnet  for people seeking the highest level of Torah knowledge. Those who study this Haggadah will find a richness they never imagined existed in the narrative that they have recited routinely--perhaps even mechanically-- since their youth. This Haggadah is a joy--a Simchas Yaabetz.
Our Price: USD $ 26.40 List Price: USD $ 33.80 You Save: 22%
    In Every Generation: Haggadah

At last, a Haggadah that not only asks contemporary questions, but answers them as well--clearly, articulately and with pride!  Rabbi Moshe Grylak
has a deep sensitivity to the questioning mindset of modern times, and he applies the timeless principles of the Haggadah to our own experience as individuals and as a nation. The author raises inter generational themes for discussion on themes such as the "Chosen People" concept, the concept of Birkat Hamazon as a golden key to contending with hardships in daily life, and what we can learn from the clash between Pharaoh and Moshe Rabeinu. It is clearly written yet deep in its explanation of key concepts.

Our Price: USD $ 25.00 List Price: USD $ 29.40 You Save: 15%
    Inspiring Lights

The light of Jewish wisdom, and of an authentic Jewish world view, shines on Chanukah, perhaps, as on no other holiday. The holiday of Chanukah was born out of a clash between two civilizations and two fundamentally different ways of looking at man, at life, and indeed all of reality: This was the essential clash between the Greeks and the Jews; the military clash was secondary.

In exploring the messages that lie at the heart of Chanukah, we discover immutable messages that lie at the core of Judaism. Chanukah is the celebration of a vision so lofty and a dedication so deep, that it guaranteed that the Jewish nation, and the Jewish message, would endure - and shine - for all time.

Inspiring Lights is a collection of essays from a wide range of educators and writers, each offering another perspective on the timeless messages contained in Chanukah. Some of the themes explored in this precious book are:

  • Chanukah and the Mystical Light of Creation
  • The Unique Relationship of the Jewish Woman to Chanukah
  • Chanukah Echoes in the Garden of Eden
  • The Essence of Jewish Leadership
  • Where Jewish Thought and Greek Thought Part Ways
  • and much more.

Whether this is your fifth Chanukah, or your fiftieth, in these pages you will certainly find not only fresh insight and inspiration for your Chanukah celebration, but for all of Jewish life.

Featuring Writings From:
Shimon Apisdorf, Yaakov Astor, Harvey Belovski, Emuna Braverman, Dan Butler, Lawrence Kelemen, Doron Kornbluth, Boruch Leff, Menachem Leibtag, Naomi Lobl, Lori Palatnik, Holly Pavlov, Eliyahu Safran, Shlomo Slatkin, Hanoch Teller, Pinchas Winston

Artscroll, paperback, 182 pages

Our Price: USD $ 17.60 List Price: USD $ 23.20 You Save: 24%

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