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   25 Elul 5774 / Saturday, September 20, 2014 | Torah Reading Nitzavim - Vayelech       
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Our Price: USD $ 21.40
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Torah and Bible
Our Price: USD $ 22.90 List Price: USD $ 26.20 You Save: 12%
Our Price: USD $ 28.20 List Price: USD $ 39.70 You Save: 29%
    A Minute Vort on the Parsha 1
Wit, wisdom & warmth. R' Eli humorously conveys life-altering Torah notions peppered with psychological insights in practical. easy-to-grasp lessons.
R' Eli presents his series of short parsha vorts. You'll unearth your inner self-worth and limitless potential and feel great about yourself! A page a week of thought provoking and humorous insights. Excellent!!

Our Price: USD $ 7.40 List Price: USD $ 8.90 You Save: 17%
    A Treasury of Chassidic Tales on the Torah

A collection of inspirational chassidic stories, this book represents a slice of the priceless pre-Holocaust heritage of the vanished communities of Eastern Europe -- a breath of Jewish soul. Hundreds of tales, all the great masters, the grandeur of the great chassidic courts, the inner pride of the humble shtetl, miracle workers and conquerors of self -- all are here in Rabbi Zevin’s masterpiece. Never before has the English reader had access to chassidic lore as seen through the eyes of a genuine Torah giant. To Rabbi Zevin, chassidim was not a curiosity or a historical relic; it was both vibrant and intellectual -- and it was a way of life which he lived, not merely observed.

Its Hebrew edition, Sippurei Chassidim, is probably the most popular work of its kind, and has gone through many printings. Now -- finally -- this consummate blend of warmth, wisdom, inspiration, history, and Torah interpretation is available in English.

Artscroll, hardcover, 632 pages

Our Price: USD $ 35.30 List Price: USD $ 41.10 You Save: 14%
    Blueprints of Breishis
The Torah reveals to us different names of G-d.  Names represent the revealed part of G-d...the part we can grasp. There are descriptions of the middos of Hashem as they manifest in this world. What is true with the names of G-d is also true with the true name of every created thing.

The author of this volume  brilliantly analyzed the names of the parshios and people in sefer Breishis  -- the beginning of all Creation.  He helped them come alive.  In this incredible book, we now have access to The Blueprints of Breishis. Magnificent! Enlightening!!
Our Price: USD $ 26.40 List Price: USD $ 29.40 You Save: 10%
    Derech Hashem-Spanish

By Rabbi Moshe Chaim Luzzatto. Explores Divine regulation of the world. Vowelized, facing Hebrew and Spanish texts.

Hard Cover. 427 pages. Spanish.

Our Price: USD $ 17.70 List Price: USD $ 39.70 You Save: 56%
    Elegant Psalms - Blue Cover "Floral"
Psalms in an  elegant genuine leather cover of antique blue, imprinted with floral decoration.
The book itself is printed on a quality pages,  huge letters with a score special virtue of each chapter from the sages of Israel. IN HEBREW ONLY
Size: 18X13 inches.
Our Price: USD $ 45.00 List Price: USD $ 58.80 You Save: 24%
    Entering the Covenant
An Anthology of Divrei Torah for Bris Milah and Pidyon Haben Based on the Weekly Torah Portion compiled by Mandell Ganchrow MD

Is this a book only for nervous speakers? Not at all. It is a treasury of ideas that teach and stimulate about faith and courage, about the Torah’s challenge to us all in every age. It is fascinating reading for everyone, because each contributor has his own style, his unique message, his personal perspective, and his own rich life experience. Think about what you learn. It will remain with you long after the event is over and long after you put it down.

OU/Artscroll, paperback, 216 pages

Our Price: USD $ 23.50 List Price: USD $ 28.20 You Save: 17%
    Ethics of the Fathers-Interlinear Translation

Pirkei Avos (Ethics of the Fathers) contains the moral and practical teachings of some sixty sages whose  lives embraced nearly five centuries.  Though their sayings would seem to carry no greater weight than that of their considerable stature,the very first mishnah of the tractate teaches that this is not so. "Moses received the Torah from Sinai and transmitted it," we are told. The traditions contained in Pirkei Avos  originated no less at Sinai than did the Ten Commandments. This interlinear version provides a clear and concise definition on a word-by-word basis beneath each word.

Our Price: USD $ 4.40 List Price: USD $ 5.30 You Save: 17%
    Five Megillos - Pocket Size Slipcased Set

Handy gift-boxed pocket-sized edition for travel, purse, desk drawer, or briefcase, the perfect way to take along this rewarding reading when space is at a premium. Big value in a small format! The ArtScroll Series presents the comments of the classic giants of ancient and contemporary times in a logical, comprehensible manner, like a master teacher on an exciting voyage of intellectual discovery.

  • Entire Hebrew text reset in clear modern type
  • Flowing English translation
  • Commentary anthologized from 2,000 years of Talmudic and Rabbinic sources
  • Overviews exploring the hashkafah/philosophical background of each volume.
Our Price: USD $ 77.80 List Price: USD $ 89.60 You Save: 13%

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