26 Nissan 5776 / Wednesday, May 04, 2016 | Torah Reading: Acharei Mot
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 Chassidic Music Chassidic Music
    "Zoceh L'Chayei HaOlam HaBah"

Contains14 songs and features Jewish music stars such as Yakov Shweki, Dedi and more! Reccomended!

Our Price: USD $ 11.90 List Price: USD $ 15.90 You Save: 25%
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    30 - The Best of Shlomo Carlebach
Our Price: USD $ 33.10 List Price: USD $ 39.70 You Save: 17%
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    A Treasury of Lubavitcher Nigunim
A unique combination and treasury of Lubavitcher Nigunim from all occasions.
Performed by the Chadad Choir.
2 Discs, 22 songs. Highly recommended!
Our Price: USD $ 18.50 List Price: USD $ 21.20 You Save: 13%
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    Aaron Razel and the Children of Mishpachat Witt - U'Vchol Zot - and With all This...
A very special CD of the tunes of Rabbi Shlomo Carlebach, sung by the children of Mishpachat Witt, along with guest singer Aaron Razel.

11 tracks. Highly recommended!
Our Price: USD $ 10.60 List Price: USD $ 13.20 You Save: 20%
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    And to the Contrary - Purm Songs & Melodies
Breslever, Nachman Marian, presents this disk and Nhufoko (turning things upside down) with the best melodies and songs of Purim. 3 medleys of songs of delight.
Our Price: USD $ 5.30 List Price: USD $ 6.70 You Save: 20%
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    Asher Scharf and Sons - Hashomer Shabbos

Asher Scharf and Son's album "Hashomer Shabbos", will give you new additions for your shabbos table. 10 tracks, recommended!!

Our Price: USD $ 13.20 List Price: USD $ 15.90 You Save: 17%
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    Avraham Fried - A Pleasure!
A special collection of the best of a Yiddish Hasidic songs, performed by singer Avraham Fried. 13 tracks. Very Special!!
Our Price: USD $ 15.60 List Price: USD $ 18.30 You Save: 14%
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    Avraham Fried - Freilach Case
Special three-pack disks, strings and rhythmic songs of joy featuring the singer Avraham Fried. This package contains the best hits of Avraham Fried... giants... such as "Benjamin", "That Interest," "My Hebron", and more ...
Our Price: USD $ 22.50 List Price: USD $ 29.10 You Save: 23%
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