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   3 Elul 5774 / Friday, August 29, 2014 | Torah Reading Shoftim       
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Our Price: USD $ 9.40
List Price: USD $ 14.70

Our Price: USD $ 29.10
List Price: USD $ 38.20

Our Price: USD $ 25.00
List Price: USD $ 29.40

Our Price: USD $ 11.50
List Price: USD $ 20.60
    Arrobix Case
High-class case of the best tunes, Hasidic melodies songs in rhythmic style prepared especially for sports aerobics and exercise.
3 discs.
Our Price: USD $ 23.20 List Price: USD $ 32.30 You Save: 28%
    Ayal Aharon - Nireh Elay Ba'Loz 2
Quality instrumentals by guitarist Ayal Aharon, highly recommended. Part 2
Our Price: USD $ 11.80 List Price: USD $ 13.20 You Save: 11%
    Ayal Aharon Niggunei Neshama
The artist Ayal Aharon, 10 Tracks of Niggunei Neshama (Songs of the Soul)
Our Price: USD $ 11.80 List Price: USD $ 14.70 You Save: 20%
    Ayal Aharon Nirah Elai BeLuz
Selected Instrumentals
Our Price: USD $ 11.80 List Price: USD $ 13.20 You Save: 11%
    B'tzavta Vol 3
12 tracks of niggunim by some of the top artists. Miki Rosenbaum presents guest musician Eyal Selah on clarinet and flute.
Our Price: USD $ 13.30 List Price: USD $ 17.60 You Save: 25%
    Calming Waters - Hebrew

Rabbi Lazer Brody's Healing Flute - the beautiful CD Calming Waters, available in a Hebrew version called Mei Menuchot.

11 beautiful tracks. Highly recommended!!!


Our Price: USD $ 10.30 List Price: USD $ 20.60 You Save: 50%
    Calming Waters: Lazer Brody's Healing Flute

Calming Waters: Lazer Brody's Healing Flute

"Calming Waters" is a unique collection of Lazer Brody's inspiring original melodies, played on his Native-American flutes with musical accompaniment and arrangements by two of Jewish music's foremost musicians, Menachem Herman and Jeff Horvitch. This CD is both gratifying and uplifting; its heavenly sounds not only relax the soul, but virtually heal it by helping the listener release his or her innermost emotions - the ones that defy verbal expression. While listening to this CD, you'll feel the gentle waves of the ocean washing away your negative emotions, you'll glide with an eagle, and you'll see from one end of the world to the other from the top of a great mountain, high above all your problems and stress in life. You'll also board the train that carries you to inner freedom and your personal redemption, and much more...

A "Breslev Israel" production, this CD comes with a gorgeous full-color 28-page brochure that explains each melody as well as how to apply it to your own meditation, personal prayer, or simple listening pleasure.

Jeff Horvitch, one of Jewish musics leading arrangers and producers, comments on "Calming Waters:" I can't begin to count or name the number of musical projects that I've been involved in. 'Calming Waters' is not just another instrumental or relaxation CD; it's unique, and it penetrates right to the soul. Lazer Brody's flute music sounds like something that descended from the upper worlds - this album takes the listener to a place of happiness and tranquility.

Ben Bresky, music critic of Israel National Radio: 'Calming Waters' is special - you can feel the beauty of creation in every melody.

11 melodies, 63 minutes listening time

Our Price: USD $ 8.90 List Price: USD $ 20.60 You Save: 57%
    CD Ad Alot HaShachar
The first album ever to set Chassidic tunes to trance-dance rhythms. 16 songs.
Our Price: USD $ 11.80 List Price: USD $ 14.70 You Save: 20%
    CD Alot HashaChar 2
"Ad Alot HaShachar",("Til the Morning Light"). vol. 2. More Chassidic trance-dance music. 10 songs.
Our Price: USD $ 11.80 List Price: USD $ 14.70 You Save: 20%
    CD Alot HashaChar 3
"Ad Alot HaShachar", vol. 3. ("Til the Morning Light").Still more Chassidic trance-dance music.(9 songs)
Our Price: USD $ 11.80 List Price: USD $ 14.70 You Save: 20%

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