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   30 Tishrei 5775 / Friday, October 24, 2014 | Torah Reading Noach       
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Rabbi Lazer Brody - Judean Dream

With Hashem’s loving grace, Breslev Israel is delighted to present Judean Dream, an inspiring collection of original Jewish Land-of-Israel melodies composed and performed by Lazer Brody and Guy Tzvi Mintz, with special-guest appearances by Daniel Ahaviel and Yosef Karduner.
The melodies of the Judean Dream collection have four basic characteristics: first, they are devoid of any foreign influence; second, they are expressions of the Jewish soul’s prayers and yearning; third, they are born in the Land of Israel; fourth, their objective is not to entertain but to uplift the soul and to give it a taste of the holy Land of Israel. Except for “Rivers of Babylon,” which Lazer Brody composed while longing for our holy homeland during a speaking tour abroad, all the melodies in this collection were not only composed in the Land of Israel, but in the very hills and mountains of Judea where King David was born, where he tended his sheep and where he composed and played his own melodies on flute and lyre. This album has been recorded in those same hills, using simple string instruments, Land-of-Israel wood and cane flutes and Jerusalem drum only.
Rebbe Nachman of Breslev urges us (see Likutei Moharan I:3) to listen to the melodies of upright musicians, for they are conducive to one's service of Hashem. Two of our generation’s greatest tzaddikim, Rabbi Daniel Dov Hacohen Stavsky shlit’a and Rabbi Shalom Arush shlit’a, attest to the melodical purity and integrity of Judean Dream.
Included in this CD is a gorgeous full-color brochure that explains each melody with translation and transliteration of the lyrics.
You'll find Judean Dream relaxing, inspiring, and soothing for the soul. Try listening to this album while you’re alone in a room with the lights dimmed. Let your innermost feelings come to the surface and let the melodies carry you higher and bring you joy…
14 melodies, 72 minutes of exquisite listening pleasure.
ISBN: 48-1599
Our Price:   USD $ 14.40
List Price:   USD $ 20.60
You Save:   30%
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