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   27 Tishrei 5775 / Tuesday, October 21, 2014 | Torah Reading Noach       
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Our Price: USD $ 14.70
List Price: USD $ 23.50

Our Price: USD $ 11.80
List Price: USD $ 20.60

Our Price: USD $ 16.20
List Price: USD $ 22.10

Our Price: USD $ 14.40
List Price: USD $ 21.20
Original Jewish Music
Our Price: USD $ 14.70 List Price: USD $ 17.60 You Save: 17%
Our Price: USD $ 10.30 List Price: USD $ 14.70 You Save: 30%
Our Price: USD $ 14.40 List Price: USD $ 17.60 You Save: 18%
    "HaMadraigot - Etz"

The group, "HaMadraigot"'s latest album call "Etz" (Tree) features 14 songs including 2 new songs in addition to the greatest hits from their last 3 albums.

Our Price: USD $ 11.50 List Price: USD $ 13.20 You Save: 13%
    Aaron Levy - A Guest Tends to Stay
Inspired by the wonderful teachings of Rabbi Nachman of Breslov, combined with a special gift of a lovely voice,  the musician Aaron Levy  brings us a wonderful debut album - "A Guest Tends to Stay  ."
10 beautiful tracks! A Treasure!!
Our Price: USD $ 8.80 List Price: USD $ 17.70 You Save: 50%
    Aaron Razel - I Have Established My Residence
Beautiful album entirely dedicated to Torah and its students, by the talented singer and musician - Aaron Razel.
11 tracks. Exceptional!
Our Price: USD $ 12.40 List Price: USD $ 19.10 You Save: 35%
    Aaron Razel - The Burning Bush
Aaron Razel's album "The Burning Bush" 9 tracks, recommended!
Our Price: USD $ 11.80 List Price: USD $ 13.20 You Save: 11%
    Aaron Razel - What Have You Done Today
Wonderful singer and musician, Aaron Razel, in the album "What have you done today".
Includes a duet with singer Shuli Rand and other surprises ...
12 lovely tracks. 
Our Price: USD $ 11.80 List Price: USD $ 17.60 You Save: 33%
    Aaron Segel - Ohr Ha'Orot

The artist Aaron Segel in his extraordinary new album"Ohr VHa'Orot," with music and lyrics in the spirit of the tzaddik Rebbe Nachman of Breslev, accompanied by the violinist Gadi Pogtesh.

14 tracks, strongly recommended.

Our Price: USD $ 11.50 List Price: USD $ 16.20 You Save: 29%
    Adi Ran - Wheel of rescue
Singer Adi Ran's fourth album - "Wheel of Rescue", an exciting new album with 10 Rtzot wonderful!
Our Price: USD $ 10.30 List Price: USD $ 14.70 You Save: 30%

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