7 Shvat 5775 / Tuesday, January 27, 2015 | Torah Reading: Beshalah
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7 Shvat Rav Nachmani Saadiah Levy  
    (5755/1995). One of the Kabbalists of Jerusalem.

7 Shvat Rav Meir Rafaeli  
    (5732/1972). The author of Lekutei Shoshanim.”

7 Shvat Rav David Biderman of Lelov  
    Born: Biala, Poland, 1746 and died: Lelov, Poland, 1813. Rabbi David of Lelov was a student of Rabbi Yaakov Yitzchak, the Chozeh of Lublin. The Chozeh said about him, that Rabbi David is the foundation of all the tzaddikim, leaders of the Chassidic movement. R' David was famous for his love for all Jews, even for the wicked ones, always finding ways of defending them. R' David of Lalov used to say to his followers, How can you claim that I am righteous, when I know that I still love my children and grandchildren more than I love my other fellow Jews?" R' David was very well versed in both niglah and nistar, the revealed and mystical aspects of the Torah, and for a long time was successful in hiding it from people who came in contact with him. R' David was the one who introduced R' Yaakov Yitzchak - Ha-Yehudi Ha-Kadosh to the Chozeh of Lublin, and influenced Dr Bernard of Pitrikov to do repentance until he became a student of the Chozeh, and was later called Rabbi Chaim David Doctor of Pitrikov. Rabbi David of Lelov left behind three righteous sons, Rabbi Nechemia, Rabbi Avigdor and Rabbi Moshe of Lelov who claimed that his father had a spark of soul from King David.

7 Shvat Rav Yechezkiel Eliezer Abulafiah  
    One of the scholars of Tiberius, Israel.

7 Shvat Rav Avraham Chaim Borjel the Second  
    (5654/1894). The author of “Chukei Chaim.”

7 Shvat Rav Yechezkel Partzuvitz  
    (5732/1972). The Mashgiach of Yeshivat “Tiferet Tzvi.”

7 Shvat Rav Mordechai David Levin  
    (5757/1997). The author of “Darchei David” on the Talmud.

7 Shvat Rav Chaim Ashel  
    (5467/1707). One of the great scholars of Solonkia, the author of “Sam Chai.”

7 Shvat Rav Chaim Rafael Dimri  
    (5749/1989). One of the scholars of Jerba.

7 Shvat Rav Moshe Vizgan  
    (5756/1996). One of the scholars of Mogador, Morocco, the author of “Ve’Yaged Moshe.”


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