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   4 Elul 5774 / Saturday, August 30, 2014 | Torah Reading Shoftim       
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4 Elul Rav Shmuel Nahon 
    Served as the Head of the Beit Din in Titoan, Morocco.

4 Elul Rav Simcha HaKohen – the Ohr Somayach 
    He was born in 5603 (1843), and passed away in 5686 (1926). One of the Talmudic Giants of Lithuania and a Rabbincal leader there. He was considered to be “the lion of the assembly” of the Rabbis of his day. His brilliant genius was recognized when he was still very young. When his work, the “Ohr Samayach” on the “Mishnah Torah” of the Rambam was published, he became famous as a Gaon and a sharp Talmudist. In this Sefer he displayed expertise in all the Talmud, deep thinking and sharp logic. Rebbe Simcha was invited to serve as the Rav of Dvinsk, where he led the community for 40 years. When he was asked to come to be the Rav of Yerushalym in 1906 he refused, as his community opposed the idea of giving him up. He wrote an additional Sefer, the Meshech Chachmah, a commentary on the Torah, which merited extensive distribution and is found in nearly every Torah-observant home today.

4 Elul Rav Yedidiyah Frankel 
    Served as the Head of the Beit Din in Tel Aviv. Wrote the Sefer “HaDerech HaYeshanah”. Passed away in 5746.

4 Elul Rav Eliyahu Kramer 
    The grandfather of the Gaon Rebbe Eliyahu of Vilna, the Vilna Gaon (known as the Gr’’a).

4 Elul Rav Yaakov Moshe Korlinsky 
    He was the Director of the Talmud Torah Yavneh in Yerushalym. Passed away in 5754.

4 Elul Rav Shalom Arye Leib Korlinski 
    Rav Shalom Arye Leib Korlinski


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