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   27 Tishrei 5775 / Tuesday, October 21, 2014 | Torah Reading Noach       
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27 Tishrei Rav Yitzchak bar Shmuel, one of the Tosfot 
    Known as the Ri HaZakan, he passed away in 4950 (1189). He was one of the greatest of the French Tosfot (the commentary of the Talmud). His mother was the grand-daughter of Rashi, the sister of the Rashbam, Rabbeinu Tam and Rivam. His uncle Rabbeinu Tam was his principal teacher for many years. When Rabbeinu Tam moved to Tarvish, Rabbi Yitzchak moved to Danfier. He was always careful not to argue with his uncle/Rebbe and always showed the highest regard for him; he obeyed his commands and asked for his decisions in letters, and nullified his own opinion to that of Rabbeinu Tam. He was known for his humility and acts of kindness. He was accustomed to fast, and fasted on Yom Kippur for two days out of doubt. It was said that in his Study Hall there were 60 Rabbis, each of which was an expert in a particular tractate (of the 60 tractates of the Talmud), so they could check every novel idea suggested against the background of the entire Talmud. The Study Hall of Rabbi Yitzchak is considered to be the source of the main body of the Tosfos commentary. Rabbi Yitzchak was known in his generation as “Our holy Rebbe.”

27 Tishrei Rav David Chai Meir Nissim 
    He founded the Shoshanim L’David in Bagdad.

27 Tishrei Rav Shaul Antebbe 
    One of the Torah leaders of Jerusalem, he passed away in 5735 (1974).

27 Tishrei Rav Eliyahu Abuchatzeira 
    He was the Rabbi in Tafillat, Morocco.


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