12 Nissan 5775 / Wednesday, April 01, 2015 | Torah Reading: Pesach
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Dear God personal prayer
The loveliest expressions of pure and simple faith are the innocent prayers of children, who simply talk to their "Dear God" in their own words.

By: Breslev Israel Staff
Date of recording: 1/14/2013
Duration: 00:02:11
Copyright: Breslev Israel
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       Dear God personal prayer

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 Breslev Israel Clips Breslev Israel Clips
  Shlomo Katz - Old City Chuppa Niggun  
By Shlomo Katz
Update date: 3/11/2015, 15:54
Shlomo Katz, Old City Chuppa Niggun

  Avrumy & Tuli - Bashefer I'm Yours  
By Avrumy & Tuli
Update date: 2/24/2015, 18:49
Avrumy & Tuli - Bashefer I'm Yours. I turn to you, No matter where or what, I believe in you, Hashem Echad.

  Yonatan Razel Katonti  
By Yonatan Razel
Update date: 2/4/2015, 12:18
Yonatan Razel Katonti

  Vehi SheAmda - Yaakov Shweky and Yonatan Razel  
By Yonatan Razel
Update date: 2/4/2015, 11:30
Vehi SheAmda, Yaakov Shweky and Yonatan Razel.

  Ready, Set, Miracle...  
By Rabbi Zev Ballen
Update date: 10/27/2014, 18:50
How fast can you find Hashem when you call upon him in truth?

  The Breslevers Coming to Gaza - Part 2  
By Breslev Israel Staff
Publish date: 8/19/2014, 00:00
The Soldiers of Breslev Israel and Emuna Outreach are seen here in one of their special missions, distributing material and spiritual goodies to the soldiers of the IDF on the Gaza Border, during Operation "Protective Edge"2014

  Children Under Fire  
By Rabbi Lazer Brody
Publish date: 8/19/2014, 00:00
Many people from the South of Israel have been asking how to react and what to say to their children when the Red Alert sirens are wailing and when missiles are being fired at them…

  The Breslevers Coming to Gaza  
By Breslev Israel Staff
Publish date: 8/18/2014, 00:00
The Simcha Mobile Of Chut Shel Chesed Messengers of Rabbi Shalom Arush Drinks and Protective Gifts for Soldiers.

  Rabbi Shalom Arush: The Main Thing is Desire  
By Breslev Israel Staff
Publish date: 5/7/2014, 18:00
Rabbi Shalom Arush teaches that everything is desire...

  Starting Point - Emuna  
By Rabbi Shalom Arush
Publish date: 4/27/2014, 10:40
Rabbi Shalom Arush teaches that everything begin with emuna...

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