15 Adar B 5779 / Friday, March 22, 2019 | Torah Reading: Tzav
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Where's My Blessing?    

Where's My Blessing?

Sometimes, there is so much spiritual blockage hovering over a person that no conventional prayers or pleas will do any good. The Vizhnitzer Rebbe had a way of circumventing…


Grand Rabbi Moshe Yehoshua Hager of Vizhnitz, osb"m, left the physical world six years ago in 2012 at the age 96. Known as the "Yeshuas Moshe", the Rebbe emanated goodness and holiness. He was kind and gentle, but a lion when it came to serving Hashem. His blessings were "money in the bank," so many flocked to him in search of salvation.


"Chaim" came from out of town to Bnei Brak seeking the Rebbe's blessing. He had been married for almost ten years and still had not been blessed with fruit of the womb. He went to the Rebbe's study in the Kiryat Vizhnitz neighborhood of Bnei Brak and waited patiently for his turn to see the revered Rebbe, already in is late 80's at the time.


"Rebbe, I need your blessing. My wife and I are apparently healthy but we don't yet have children; it's been almost ten years since we got married."


The Rebbe smiled his unforgettably warm smile to Chaim. He had a twinkle of optimism in his eye as if Chaim's problem would soon be over. "Tonight, I'll be attending a wedding here in Bnei Brak. Come to the wedding, and there will be a special blessing for you."


Chaim was delighted. He left the Rebbe's study, got something to eat, and decided to spend the next few hours in one of the local study halls learning Gemara until the time of the wedding ceremony arrived.


The Rebbe had a custom regarding weddings. He would give the honor of officiating the wedding to a distinguished rabbinical figure, Rosh Yeshiva or religious court judge, but he would say the sheva brachot, all of the seven benedictions of the wedding ceremony under the chuppa. He did this with great fervor and deep intent.


At seven p.m., the wedding ceremony began. The Vizhnitzer Rosh Yeshiva was the mesader kiddushin, the officiating rabbi. After the betrothal, the Rebbe said the sheva brachot. As soon as the ceremony was over, the band started playing a lively post-chuppa melody and everyone rushed to the bride, groom and their parents to congratulate them.


Chaim elbowed his way to the Rebbe, who was being helped down the steps from the stage where the chuppa was. "Rebbe, you promised me a blessing!"


The Rebbe looked at Chaim in alarm. "I already gave it to you…"


"When?" asked Chaim in trepidation.


"I looked right at you when I recited the fifth of the seven blessings: 'May the childless woman rejoice and be happy at the ingathering of her children to her midst in joy. Blessed are You Hashem, Who gladdens Zion with her children.' I looked right at you! Sure, the blessing refers to Jerusalem, who is like a childless woman as long as her children the Jews are in exile with no Holy Temple in Jerusalem. I couldn't give you a conventional blessing earlier this afternoon, because the angels would have obstructed it. So I circumvented them by having you and your wife in mind when I said the blessing; she too is the 'childless women' I was referring to whom Hashem should gladden with children. This was a golden one-time window of opportunity. Why didn't you say at that moment 'amen'?!?"


"Rebbe, please bless me again," Chaim pleaded.


The Rebbe had tears in his eyes. "I wish I could, but the opportunity has been lost for now. Who knows when the next opportunity will come. But, you can help yourself. Learn from this lesson and don't ever miss saying 'amen' ever again, anytime you hear a blessing or anytime anyone blesses you."


I don't know if Chaim ever had children or not, but that's not the point. People need big salvations. Every day, twice a day during the reader's repetition of the Amida prayer morning and afternoon, we hear blessings for wisdom, wealth, health, salvation, having our prayers answered and many more. Who knows – maybe at the moment the chazzan (cantor) says a certain blessing, a gift of abundance is about to be bestowed on you, if only you say "amen".


Do you lack adequate income, good health, children or a soul-mate? Do you lack peace with your neighbors, with your boss or with your spouse? Don't miss a single amen. Leave your cellphone in the car or at home and don't talk to anyone during prayers. Say clear and loud amens after every blessing, and you'll see tremendous miracles in the nearest future, AMEN!



* * *

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  knowledge,wisdom,understanding nd change of financial situation.
Anthony anyichie4/8/2018 5:51:51 PM

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