17 Sivan 5779 / Thursday, June 20, 2019 | Torah Reading: Shelach Lecho
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To All Who Are Struggling    

To All Who Are Struggling

There are falls, and then there are greater falls. But here’s the great news that brings hope to all of those who are sinking somewhere in the darkness…


Translated by Chana Cohen



“G-d and His Torah are infinite and endless. Just as there can be no ascent to the level of G-d’s greatness, so too there is no downfall in the world. In every downfall, G-d forbid, there is a worse fall, and because after each one there can be a worse one, we must strengthen ourselves so as not to fall even lower, G-d forbid. The main way to strengthen ourselves is with the power of the great righteous men, who never remained on one level, but continually reached higher. And even upon reaching the highest level, an extremely high and amazing level, nevertheless they weren’t satisfied and they would say, 'G-d is infinite, and who knows how much more I could achieve in this world.' And so they began each time anew, until in truth each time they reached a much higher level. Therefore with the strength of these righteous ones, there is hope for all of the fallen, and there is no despair in the world whatsoever" (Meshivat Nefesh, Eight).


Hello to all of you out there who are struggling,


There are falls, and then there are greater falls. And even greater ones.


Then there are the righteous ones, tzaddikim. They never remain on the same level. They always seek to rise higher and higher.


With their strength they show us that there is hope even after we fall, for there is no despair in the world at all.


“For though it seems to him that it’s impossible to rise from this descent G-d forbid, nevertheless who can fathom the greatness of G-d’s kindness, for it is a kindness of G-d that even from there he can rise. And every shout and cry that he screams, even in the deepest and darkest of places, never ever gets lost, no matter what happens afterward.”


Sometimes it seems to us that we’ve reached rock bottom, and it’s impossible to rise again.


But because of G-d’s kindness, no scream or cry will ever be lost.


You hear that?! It can NEVER EVER be lost!!


“For the righteous ones comprehend that just as there is no ascent forever, so too there is no descent forever, that’s impossible to rise from. For as the righteous one rises to a higher level and comprehends more of G-d’s greatness, he comprehends more of G-d’s kindness, which is the essence of G-d’s greatness, for the trait of kindness is called greatness, as is known.”


For these righteous ones gain the knowledge and they understanding that just as there is no descent that is lost, there is no ascent that is lost.


In this way, the righteous one rises level after level. And so he understands the greatness of G-d, the kindness of G-d.


“And so these righteous ones merit each time to further comprehend the greatness of G-d, which is His kindness, and through this they merit to understand that there are no falls and descents in the world, and there is no despair in the world, for each time they understand such kindnesses which are the essence of G-d, through which everything can rise. Even those who are truly on a very low level, and even if they fell into total evil G-d forbid, even so, every moment that their soul is within them, every moment that they can move even one limb, they must be patient and always long for the salvation, and strengthen themselves to begin each time anew to do whatever they are capable of doing, for there is no movement towards holiness, and there is no scream and cry, and holy desire, etc. that is ever lost, “For G-d will not forsake (us) forever”, for His mercy and kindness are infinite and endless, as is mentioned above (Ibid, Nine).


And these righteous ones achieve such kindness and such greatness, and through this they greatly uplift these small ones.




So long as the eyes gaze upward and yearn for the salvation.


For no movement,

And no moan,

No scream,

And no longing,

Is lost!

Because G-d never abandons us.

His kindness is great,

And His mercy is great,

And endless!

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