12 Shvat 5779 / Friday, January 18, 2019 | Torah Reading: Beshalah
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Warriors of Transcendence    

Warriors of Transcendence

Breslev Israel is delighted to present Rabbi Erez Moshe Doron’s gripping allegorical adventure about the struggle between good and evil. “Warriors” is a Breslever “Star Wars”…


Warriors of Transcendence, Part 1

In the "Time Tunnel Archives", Sixth Millennia, it is written:
"Before all beings were emanated and creatures created,
A superior light permeated existence.
Whence it became His will to create the world
This light was pushed aside.
In the vacant space of His light did roam
a great gust of wind, over water with no end.
A fire was set ablaze in the world, hidden away.
As if placed in an invisible hand,
Life giving paths were formed,
Chords created to contain the water,
Trails made their way through heavy, murky waters
The keys of fifty gates were molded.
The creatures were destined to meet their Maker.
Opposite them
Creating distance to gain closeness
And concealing in order to discover,
Evil was created.
In time, His name became known amongst men as "Khivia".
* * *
Eons passed. Khivia's mark, engrained in every creature, was yet to be discovered. He lingered, waiting for the right moment to break through the desires of man, and reign with his help. He waited until the arrival of the six thousandth year, while the kingdom of the Ancient Progeny flourished. Only then did he unleash his webs, already spun in the days of old.
The five great cities, inhabited by millions, spread out into the Land of the Southern Cliffs. Elegant towers and steeples, adorned with precious stones, crowned their streets. The city dwellers wore beautiful golden cloaks, and their faces expressed splendor. The mightiest of knights- were their heroes. Most impressive and wise- were their kings and noblemen. Grace and truth lit their paths. Lovely and gracious were their actions.
Khivia became envious of their blessed plentitude. From his throne on the Mountain of Ohn, he began whispering impure thoughts of despair and weakness into the river sources. The rivers carried these thought into the homes of the city dwellers that drank from their waters incessantly and became contaminated by them. Spirits raged, minds withered, hearts filled with uncertainty. The faith of the inhabitants of the great cities weakened, and they became distrustful of the King, thus leading to the deterioration of the ancient kingdom. The King's seven advisors, too, drank from the contaminated waters and became poisoned by Khivia's venom, which clouded their thoughts. They weakened the King's spirit by informing him of evil rumors about civil wars, which they alone had caused by their internal disputes.
Ultimately, the King was murdered in his sleep by his councilmen. That very same night, Sword carrying legions from the North invaded the land. In the duration of several short weeks they managed to demolish the beautiful cities to their core and slaughter most of the inhabitants. Only several thousand succeeded in escaping to the Northern Forest and distant beaches of the King's Sea, where fourteen villages were built.
It was then that the Master of Transcendence appeared, circling Ohn Mountain with clouds and blocking the powers of the mountain dweller. Khivia, who had hoped to become ruler, was forced to go into hiding in the depths. But yet his whispers did not cease.
The annihilators of the ancient cities left nothing of worth, as Khivia made it clear that it was his intention to eradicate all memories of the Ancient Progeny from the heart of man. The large remaining stones were taken from the heights of the Southern Boulders to the valley of the Green Lowlands, and were used to build a new City. It took fifty years to construct the City, inhabited at first by two hundred thousand men. Its builders and original inhabitants were young men who were taken captive from the great cities. Their power was great but their memory short, since they too were poisoned by the contaminated waters. Just a few generations later, the inhabitants of the new City knew nothing of their actual origin. They were convinced that they were descendents of Emperors, when in fact they were their slaves, soldiers born to serve a master whose name they did not know.
The Towered City was comprised of seven levels, each one controlled by a designated Emperor.
Their power is described in the "Time Tunnel Archives":
"Earth controls the base. Its power is derived from Jupiter. It is governed by instruments of percussion. Its tools are made of steel. Color of flame: gray. Symbol: A sword.
Water controls the second. Its power is derived from Saturn. It is governed by stringed instruments. Its tools are made of mercury. Color of flame: Sapphire. Symbol: Grape Cluster.
Wind controls the third. Its power is derived from the stars. It is governed by wind instruments. Its tools are made of led. Color of flame: White. Symbol: Split Wood.
Fire controls the fourth. Its power is derived from Venus. It is governed by bowed instruments. Its tools are made of tin. Color of flame: Crimson. Symbol: Flame."
Less was known of the remaining levels:
"Sun controls the fifth. Its tools are made of copper. Color of flame: Emerald.
Mars controls the sixth. Its tools are made of gold. Color of flame: Violet.
The Moon controls the seventh. Its tools are made of silver. Color of flame: Indigo.
Ruler of all levels- The Master of Ohn."
* * *
The poisoned waters infected the earth, and the country's beauty faded. All attempts by the Emperors to preserve it went up in smoke, until it was transformed into a white, barren desert. Trees that once bore fruit in the Green Lowlands became parched, and in their place grew new crops around the tower. Fruits of Oblivion.
Hundreds of years passed. The Emperors still reigned over the vast City, but they themselves were unfamiliar with their roots of origin. Though Khivia had granted them with eternal life, as they sipped the strengthening and supernaturally powerful blue potion, they had simultaneously become sterile. Contrary to them, the descendents of the Emperors who were the original City builders were propagating.
It seemed as though the Emperors' rule extended, uninterrupted, over all occupied lands. But during the last millennia clear signs were observed, indicating that the Master of Transcendence had begun drafting warriors.
The thousands of villagers from the shores of King's Sea were not trained with warfare. If the descendents of the Emperors were to envelope them in an attempt to conquer their lands- all fourteen villages would surely succumb, as the cities of the Ancients Progeny had centuries earlier. It was only because the descendents of the Emperors feared the Masters powers that they avoided an open attack. They had other strategies.
It was different in the Land of the Northern Forest. The entire area was covered with vast tangled forests, and conquering it would be slow and agonizing. Headstrong warriors continued to battle against the descendents of the Emperors, even initiating heroic attacks that nearly reached the walls of the Towered City.
These were the "Storm Dancers", trained by the Warriors of Transcendence. A seemingly innocent ceremonial dance led to a violent attack, disturbing the tranquility and peace of the descendents of the Emperors, and discouraging their victories.
The dwelling of the Master of Transcendence was unknown, but a legend pervaded the earth: "A unique being shall arrive, destined to dispel all fear and cleanse the world from terror". These words instilled anxiety in the hearts of the Descendents of the Emperors and hope in the hearts of free men. Spoken by them both, ever so softly and with conviction, were the words: "Legend of the wings".
And Khivia continued to spin his web…
To be continued.
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