22 Iyar 5779 / Monday, May 27, 2019 | Torah Reading: Bamidbar
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Wild Bill

Don't we owe it to our children to teach them the right values? So many American icons, like Bill Cosby, turn out to be the antithesis of poster-people for wholesomeness…


If you've been living on Planet Earth this summer, chances are you've heard the news story of 46+ women accusing Bill Cosby of rape. Even I, who lives half the time on Earth and half the time in Outer Space, heard the horrifying story. Naturally, I had to check it out for myself. It turns out 35 women came out publicly, and each of them had a similar story of being drugged with Quaaludes and being assaulted and/or raped in semi-consciousness or waking up after Cosby violated them.


Thankfully, these women are finally getting a chance to tell their side of the story and experience, if nothing else, some vindication. Many of these women have had to hide their terrible secret for about 50 years! It turns out America's favorite dad has been raping women since the 1960's. Did I get my math right? It wasn't always my strong point.


It's beyond nauseating. As we lovingly watched him night after night, addictively devouring his wholesome image as America's favorite Jell-O Dad, he was likely raping women after every show he taped.



Above image courtesy of Randy Miramontez / Shutterstock.com


We loved Bill Cosby.

We adored Bill Cosby.

We admired Bill Cosby.

We felt like Bill Cosby was a part of our family.


Now that his secret is out, exactly who was the person that we had these feelings for? I'll tell you...


We loved Bill Cosby, the serial rapist.

We adored Bill Cosby, the serial rapist.

We admired Bill Cosby, the serial rapist.

We felt like Bill Cosby, the serial rapist, was a part of our family.

There. Is that clear now?


You know what song came to my mind when I read the story? It was Queen's famous, “Another One Bites the Dust.” Why? It's pretty logical, really. Hashem is desperately trying to shake us out of our Quaalude-like state by bringing yet another beloved American Icon to his demise!


People, can't you see? Many of the people you and your children look up to as American heroes are actually the biggest lowlifes in the world! How many more actors/sports stars/musicians/politicians will Hashem have to expose for you to get the point?? Person by person, He's systematically destroying the romantic, fantasy-filled, delusional, one-sided relationships we felt that we had with these people.


What will you have to say for yourselves when you're interviewed by the Heavenly Court for refusing to see past their airbrushed images? What will you have to say for being directly responsible for spoon-feeding these rich, beautiful, smiling parasites to your children through daily, unfiltered exposure?


When is enough, enough? Everywhere you turn, there are lies being exposed - not just about famous people that we look up to, but also about the so-called reality that we live in. What morals are we teaching our children? The sad truth is that we're teaching them that being a good person isn't as important as being rich and famous. Last I recall, I don't remember seeing any selfless, devoted teachers, school janitors, or plumbers being rewarded with fame and fortune because they are good people.


Don't we owe it to our children to teach them the right values?


Let's look at just a few more examples of Americans that we looked up to who were anything but poster children for wholesome Americana:


Brad Pitt: one of the most beloved actors in the world. Everyone thought he was the epitome of the clean-cut American image, until he was exposed cheating on his wife with his now-wife, Angelina Jolie. What makes this even more twisted? It's that society in general has accepted them as a legitimate, decent couple. What's wrong with us??


Michael Vick: one of the top NFL quarterbacks. Looked up to as a hero by millions of boys, men, and likely some women as well. What is heroic about being able to throw a ball really, really far is beyond me. Maybe I'm missing something. This beloved football hero was exposed running a horrific pit bull fighting ring, in which he tortured and murdered the losing pit bulls in unimaginable ways.


Woody Allen: remember him? Hollywood legacy? He became “romantically involved” with his wife Mia Farrow's adopted daughter, Soon Yi. He was 56 and she was 19 when their affair began. Pervert.


OJ Simpson: Ah, yes. Good ol' OJ. NFL superstar turned butcher. Scored one of the most unjust victories in American history with the “not guilty” verdict in the murder of his ex-wife and her lover. Used his new infamy to try his hand at drug trafficking and robbery. Now serving a 39-year prison sentence, which has nothing to do with the murders. Go figure.


Bill Clinton: One of the most charismatic, beloved Presidents in American history. He had everyone swooning from his devastating combination of handsome looks and oh-so-sincere “I'm going to bring great change to this great country” loads of you-know-what. Exposed having a scandalous affair with a White House intern, otherwise known as a political groupie. He was impeached by the House, and acquitted by the Senate. Amazingly, he still manages to command large sums of money for speaking engagements. He is living proof that smarts and status are valued more than being a good person.


Politicians across various government levels convicted of pedophilia: the list is just way too heartbreakingly long. In my mind, they're like roaches; for every politician openly convicted, there are hundreds more hiding behind the walls.


Bruce Jenner: Do I have to even go there again? Read all about him in my article, “Caitlyn and the 50th Gate.”


If I've thoroughly disgusted you, good. But, don't despair! With every problem, there's always a solution; in this case, a two-part solution. First - if you're ready to give your kids the best guidance you can, read Rav Arush's slam dunk/home run/gooooooaaaaaalllllll awesomest parenting book ever, Garden of Education.


Second – aliyah, like, yesterday. You knew that was coming, right?



* * *

Feel free to send Racheli your questions, particularly in the areas of marriage, dating, child-rearing and women's role; write her at racheli@breslev.co.il

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  good article
messody2/16/2016 5:31:57 PM
  Excellent article! Robin Williiams may I add (only subject)
Lori8/31/2015 2:52:08 PM
  jumping to conclusions
racheli8/27/2015 1:33:34 PM
  A Message from Your Rabbis
Elisheva8/27/2015 10:33:04 AM
  Rabbis across America sign Kol Koreh about reporting abuse
elisheva8/24/2015 11:54:59 PM
elisheva8/23/2015 11:10:46 AM
  black and white
Racheli8/19/2015 3:00:43 PM
Racheli8/19/2015 2:56:02 PM
  People wake up
elisheva8/18/2015 7:24:54 PM
  I can't believe that this was the editor's pick
elisheva8/18/2015 4:42:46 PM
  Loved this.
Anonymous,8/18/2015 12:42:23 AM
  You're right
Racheli8/17/2015 7:34:30 PM
  "When is enough, enough?"
Beyond Disgusted8/17/2015 4:13:15 PM

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