13 Tamuz 5779 / Tuesday, July 16, 2019 | Torah Reading: Pinchas
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Fix Family Finances in Five    

Fix Family Finances in Five

No, you don't believe it, but it works! You can balance your budget and fix family finances in just five short minutes. Life really can be fine in five…


Sure, it sounds crazy. It seems unbelievable. Yet it won't even take you five minutes to read this article. In five minutes, you can read and review it as well. It won't cost you a cent, either. But, you'll be a big winner with everything to gain and nothing to lose.


For starters, a load of marital problems stem from faulty family finances. The Talmud is well aware of the havoc that money problems create in marriage. Our sages said that "Whenever a woman lacks wheat in her silo, she immediately screams." No wife enjoys looking at bare cupboards.


Using advice that has proven itself over the years, our five-minute plan includes fourteen important pointers for avoiding financial trouble as well as for uprooting the spiritual root of financial problems. The closer you adhere to them, the more peacefully you'll sleep at night. You'll also find that this five-minute fix will contribute to your marital bliss and to raising successful children. So here you go. Start your stopwatch, because in 5 minutes, you'll be on the way to fixing family finances:


1. Sit down with your spouse over a cup of tea or coffee, and make a list of all your monthly income and expenses.


2. Arrange your expenses in order of priority, highest to lowest.


3. If your expenses exceed the income, start deleting the lowest priority expenses until you balance the budget.


4. Don't use charge cards and don't buy on credit. Rav Shalom Arush warns us against falling into debt. Also, credit purchases are questionable according to religious law, because of interest payments. Especially at the grocery store or supermarket, pay cash and avoid impulse buying.


5. Look at all the junk you've accumulated over the years, and think about how many things you’ve purchased on a whim, that really add nothing to your life. Sell or get rid of all the needless stuff in your house. Spiritually, it makes room for more abundance. Also, less clutter is healthy for the soul.


6. Remember that The Almighty gives you everything you need in life; but He does not provide you with a stipend for "keeping up with the Jones". Spiritually, debt stems from things you don't really need.


7. Our sages teach that "Happy is the person who is satisfied with what he/she has." Don't expect material possessions to satiate spiritual or emotional hunger.


8. Try walking and using public transportation. Can you do without the extra car? You will save time, money, and improve your health. If you live in the city, you probably don't need a car at all.


9. Don't save on child education - the Talmud promises that you'll be refunded to the last cent.


10. Give at least 10% of your net income to charity. The Almighty is more than happy to give you $100,000 when He knows that you'll give $10,000 to charity.


11. Cut out restaurants, junk food, convenience food, alcohol and tobacco. Cook and eat at home and you'll enjoy a higher level of nutrition and kashruth. You'll save hundreds of dollars a month, and improve your health.


12. Teach your children to perform household and garden chores; let them earn their spending money. It's great for their education and saves on domestic help. Unspoiled kids are less likely to fall into financial trouble when they grow up.


13. Husbands – honor and respect your wives! This will make you rich. Rebbe Nachman of Breslev teaches that the illumination of a wife’s soul is a fantastic spiritual vessel for abundance.


14. Never lose your temper. Anger causes financial difficulties. Rebbe Nachman teaches that oftentimes when a person is about to receive riches, he or she is tested with anger. If they pass the test and don’t lose their temper, they are rewarded with a gift of abundance from Above.


Granted, it will take more than five minutes to implement the entire plan, but it only takes five minutes to reassess our priorities and adjust our thinking. Once we decide to take positive action, Hashem steps in with amazing assistance.


Why fourteen points of advice? 14 is the numerical equivalent of yad, or hand. King David says that Hashem opens His hand, and sustains every living thing. That includes us and our loved ones, amen.



* * *

We invite you to visit Rabbi Lazer Brody’s award-winning daily web journal Lazer Beams.

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