1 Tishrei 5781 / Saturday, September 19, 2020 | Torah Reading: Rosh Hashana
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Loving Yourself    

Loving Yourself

If you feel that you don’t love yourself, and a heavy feeling is dragging you down, Dr. Gila’s self-confidence and love extract will do wonders for you. It’s tried and true…


Translated by Chana Cohen


When was the last time you felt like you really loved yourself? That you felt really good about yourself? That your worries weren’t constantly on your mind? That you felt like the person you really are, deep down?


If you need to think for a long time to answer the above questions that’s a sign that it’s been too long. Now is the time to change that! Because feeling good about yourself and who you are, feeling loved and wanted, is the basic right of every human being who wants to fulfill his mission in this world to the best of his ability, who wants to live his life with a smile on his face.


If you want to strengthen your self-confidence and self-love, to feel like the person you truly are inside, then now is the time for you to enjoy a unique essence-  תמצית לביטחון ואהבה עצמית חיובית - the essence for improving self-confidence and self-love, from Dr. Gila Gabrielov, under the Kosher certification of Rav Landau. It is made up of the energetic frequencies of highly concentrated minerals of precious stones, which merge with the minerals in our bodies and become an integral part of our body and soul.


The essence itself contains the volatile energy of one particular breastplate stone or that of a few stones together. Its preparation is based on a combination of accumulated ancient and recent wisdom. It has been tried and proven to be a useful aid and cure. התמציות של אבני החושן - the essences of the breastplate stones have been proven to help individuals heal themselves naturally in a most wonderful way.


The essence for improving self-confidence and self-love can assist a person in several important areas:


Creation of favorable self-confidence and self-love - The drops can treat the development, reinforcement and consolidation of assertive self-confidence and self-love, emotionally and physically. It assists in building up the presence of the inner you, helps you love your good qualities, and strengthens your belief in yourself that you can successfully overcome the challenges that come your way.


Replaces needless worrying with positive thinking - This extract is intended to help release the buildup of and stop the unending stream of disturbing thoughts and help make the switch from hypersensitivity to rational thinking. It creates a change of perspective - from over worrying to seeing the bigger picture, from concerns and lack of determination and performance to seeing the glass half full instead of half empty. It helps a person feel and transmit optimism. But most of all, it creates good thoughts, and good thoughts create your reality.


Overcoming hypersensitivity - it helps us become capable of controlling the intensity and direction of our emotions and helps us use our minds to stay in control of our emotions. Because we are emotional human beings, lots of times we find ourselves giving to others without limits to the point of collapse. This happens in our relationships with relatives and friends, when we constantly go beyond the limits of what we are capable and willing to do, and then we take everything to heart to such an extent that it disrupts the course of our lives. The ability to control our emotions with the right filters will help us find a good balance that works for us.


Helps us achieve overall balance - including the ability to gain insights, and to process and utilize them over time. Having overall balance will help with maintaining mental equilibrium and the balance between body and soul. It gives us the ability to take stock of ourselves and gain insight. It creates a balance that joins all the energy centers and creates the possibility of a proper connection between all energy centers. In addition, it helps keep the body fluids neutral for the proper functioning of the body chemically.


Strengthening - The extract can: strengthen the immune system, maintain strength and vitality, create positive energy, vigor and lightness, strengthen the muscles, prevent cramping, improve blood flow, prevent mental fatigue and strengthen vitality.


Essence for improving self-confidence and self-love - The combination of emotional security and physical strength creates a pleasant balance that is suitable for all members of the family!


It is recommended for adolescents or for those who need to improve their emotional and physical strength.



* * *

For further details and for a meeting and consultation, please contact Dr. Gila Gavrielov by e-mail at info@doctorgavrielov.co.il or call/fax at: 03-5320266

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