10 Tishrei 5781 / Monday, September 28, 2020 | Torah Reading: Ha'azinu
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Simple and Natural    

Simple and Natural

Health is not complicated, much as the $300 billion pharmaceutical industry tries to convince you. Before getting yourself on meds, try these natural bits of advice…


Everyone gets mildly depressed from time to time. That’s ordinary. And there are times in life when it’s more than just a mild depression. Welcome to life. Yet depression is not necessarily a disease for which a person must take psychiatric drugs, whose side effects include (depending on the medication) nausea, constipation, dry mouth, nervousness, hypertension, sexual dysfunction, drowsiness, memory impairment, psychosis, hallucinations, depersonalization, suicidal ideation, heart attack, stroke and sudden death.


The fact that most people think it’s normal and safe to take these drugs (100 million people take them world-wide, 17 million of them children) is what I call marketing mastery. People are being labeled (as sick) but not actually diagnosed with a root cause. Good job big pharma!


Psychiatrist Dr. Peter Bregin says, “We are facing a tragedy of enormous proportions!  Psychiatric drugs of every kind are exposing people to long-term risks of a declining quality of life, apathy, chronic disability, and even shrinkage of the brain.  When they try to withdraw from the drugs, they are likely to find themselves afflicted with new symptoms of drug-induced harm that the medications were suppressing.   Then they may find it physically and emotionally painful, and even dangerously unsafe, to withdraw from these psychoactive medications.”


Perhaps there is a place for psychiatric drugs in certain cases, I’m not presuming to be the final judge on that. But one thing I can tell you, it would be a really good idea to look into a few things before taking brain-altering substances that have unpleasant and even dangerous side-affects.


If you’re feeling mildly to middle-of-the-way depressed or anxious, please try the following before considering more drastic steps:


Take a blood test to check your levels of all the B vitamins and Vitamin D. If any of these are low, so will you be feeling. Supplement as needed. With vitamin D issues, getting an hour of sunshine a day is best.


Check your adrenal gland for proper functioning; if you have adrenal burnout, you are definitely going to feel down! (You can get your adrenal gland checked with an iridologist or certain other alternative health practitioners).


Take a look at your sleep habits: do you regularly go to sleep after midnight? The hours during which your body heals and rejuvenates you while you are sleeping end at 2am. You need at least 4 hours of this type of sleep in order to feel rejuvenated upon waking. So if you are not regularly getting 4 hours of the healing and rejuvenating sleep, you are going to feel moody, tired and down.


Take a look at your eating habits: do you begin eating early in the morning and go all the way until 8 or 9 at night? Are you constantly snacking throughout the day? The more you eat, the more of a burden you are placing on your digestive system. A burdened digestive system is going to suck all the energy out of you and yes, make you feel lethargic and down.


Decrease your window of eating to a maximum of 8 hours. In other words, if you have your first meal at 9am, have your last meal at 5pm. Better yet, do not start eating until 10 or 11am and stop eating by 6 or 7pm. Do not snack in between meals.


Are you eating a lot of sugar and white flour? Sugary foods and drinks and white flour products spike your insulin, giving you an immediate energy rush but depleting your energy and making you feel like you’ve “crashed” later on in the day. This also brings down your mood. Decrease or avoid altogether sugary foods and drinks, and anything containing white flour.


I know this sounds really simple, like too simple to actually help, but Hashem made things simple. Health is not complicated, much as the 300 billion dollar pharmaceutical industry tries to get you to believe. If you need to correct any one of the above and you actually do so, you will see a tremendous difference in your mood. Give it a month and then re-evaluate. Hopefully you will never need to take any kind of psychiatric drugs.


When we decide, if only on the physical level, to rectify our past choices and lifestyle habits, commit to health and pay our debts to nature, conditions like depression, fatigue, foggy brain and so many others can drastically improve. No drugs necessary. It’s not that you need drugs in order to heal your condition, it’s that you need to heal the lifestyle. These problems don’t just come out of nowhere. Hashem created you with an amazing body and brain. If there’s a problem, you must look into what you are doing – your lifestyle, that is creating the problem. Obviously there are the emotional and spiritual angles to depression that have to be dealt with, I am only talking about the physical angle of it here.


I love the laws of life with which Hashem created this world. They give us direction and guidance as to how to live according to His will. What a tremendous blessing it is to have your body actually show you when it is that you are not living according to Hashem’s will. So let’s go. Download the message and get with the program.

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  I think you're oversimplfying depression
Kalman6/19/2018 9:32:40 PM
londonmale6/18/2018 3:31:05 AM

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