3 Shvat 5781 / Saturday, January 16, 2021 | Torah Reading: Va'era
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A Parent's Letter to Hashem    

A Parent's Letter to Hashem

So many of us are guiding our children along a superficial path that leads to a fancy piece of paper - a degree - that they hope will produce a good-paying job…


Dearest Father in Heaven:


I am writing this letter to You on behalf of the children, including those too young to write to You on their own.  Many of Your precious Jewish children are offspring of parents who themselves were not raised to learn Torah and do mitzvos and did not have the benefit of a proper Jewish education.


With the advent of the internet, we have access to classes by learned rabbis like Rabbi Arush and Rabbi Brody who devote their lives to teaching us important Torah-based guidelines for living in alignment with Your will. The problem, however, is that those who would gain the most from the learning are immersed in secular pursuits and distractions. They are not allocating the time needed to understanding what being born Jewish is all about because either they have not yet awakened, or they are too busy with existing. They believe they have no time to contemplate, dig deep, change, and engage in living a life in alignment with their souls.


Truth-seekers have been affected by the surge of spiritual energies that have infiltrated our world----the World of Action (Olam Asiya). As wonderful as that is, there are so many people that have not yet identified with their soul. Many of these people have children whose tender neshamas are not being properly nurtured, and the cycle continues. The Hellenist emphasis on the physical has caused a terrible Spiritual Holocaust amongst our people that has had and is continuing to have a trickle-down effect on our beloved children.


In Egypt we remained in bondage for 210 years because we did not cry out to You. We accepted the servitude and were complacent, having been brainwashed that this is what life is supposed to be like. We accepted the slave mentality, and You, our benevolent Father, needed to make it worse for us so that we would cry out to You. It is not much different today. Because our predominant attitude is one of acceptance of physicality over spirituality, we have become satisfied with life as it is.


There are times to express gratitude and times to take a good hard look at what we are facing and stand strong. No Jewish child should be without a proper Jewish education. If we are looking for a degree, we go to college. If we want wisdom for life, we learn the Torah. Too many of us are guiding our innocent children along a superficial path that ultimately will lead to the receipt of a piece of paper, a degree, that they hope will produce a good-paying job. This path does not emphasize meaning and purpose, for without the proper connection to You, our Father, our King, we cannot know what will ultimately bring us meaning, fulfillment, and ever-lasting joy.


The lives of our children are at stake. The increase in attention-deficit disorders, chronic misbehavior, depression, autism, addictions, isolation, bullying, gang-affiliation, and learning disabilities are symptoms of souls in pain---a crying out for help. Our children are being bombarded with lots of material stuff. Their innately spiritual tendencies are being starved instead of nourished. Our children need us, the awakened ones, to cry out to You to end the emotional suffering. The prospect of unification of our nation without intervention does not seem possible at this point in time unless more of us bind together under the auspices of the Principles of Emuna, do teshuva, and rectify our character as demonstrated by our priorities.


Please Abba make a miracle to save the children who are desperately searching for role models and feel lost and abandoned. We are at a crossroads in history.  Will we be led to teshuva as in the Purim story or to blatant miracles as in the Passover saga?


We trust in your goodness and kindness and know everything is for the best. However, it is difficult to watch as our children struggle with their identity and their faith. We look forward to the time when idolatry will be no more, when peace will reign over our world, when the falsehoods that prevail will crumble, and we will return to You to keep Your laws with the building of our Third Holy Temple in Jerusalem. May it be speedily and in our days. Amen.



JPE:  Jewish Parents Everywhere

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