11 Cheshvan 5781 / Thursday, October 29, 2020 | Torah Reading: Lech Lecha
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Simple Advice to Heal Corona    

Simple Advice to Heal Corona

There are simple vitamins and supplements that you can use to heal and prevent Corona. Hundreds have been healed already! Personally recommended by Rabbi Arush shlita.


Rabbi Arush’s good friend Rabbi Aaron Stern shlita, son of the famous Kabbalist Rabbi David Chaim Stern shlita, recently shared some simple yet very successful natural healing remedies for Corona that work! He says that hundreds of people have already used them and started feeling better right away, and they work as good prevention as well. Rabbi Arush said in tonight’s Hebrew Question and Answer session that he although he doesn’t personally know about it, he endorses and recommends Rabbi Stern’s recommendations.


The most important thing about this advice is to start NOW and especially at the first signs of illness. DO NOT WAIT until you are feeling much worse G-d forbid.


Natural healing remedies really work and are even strong, but they don’t often give a “knockout punch” the way synthetic medicines do. Start strong doses right from the beginning, and G-d willing you’ll see the difference right away. Not that they can’t help even farther into the disease, but then it will take more treatment and longer to be healed.


The first advice is to take Vitamin C and Vitamin D.


My personal note on this – take good quality supplements, not made in China, without lots of fillers! Buffered vitamin C is easier on the stomach. I personally take Maxi Health Pureway C capsules, no ads here, no promotions, just what works for me – I have personally experienced excellent results with this product and it is certified Eida Chareidit, arguably one of the best kosher certifications in the world. The average adult needs 500-1000mg a day, preferably broken up into small doses throughout the day, taken with food. Someone who is sick needs 1,500-3,000mg a day.


Vitamin D is best taken along with Vitamin K, although Rabbi Stern doesn’t comment on this. I use Thorne Vitamin D/K drops rubbed into the wrists, which helps in absorption and makes it permissible for use since it is otherwise not certified kosher. The average adult needs 2,000IU for maintenance – if you are starting Vitamin D for the first time now, I recommend more like 4,000IU a day. Recent research shows that even higher amounts can greatly increase immunity and many other side benefits, like strengthening teeth and bones. I have experienced the difference with this brand personally, and see the difference in my bloodwork as well.


For breathing difficulty, to be started at the first signs of Corona – do not wait until it gets worse!:

Mix one teaspoon of baking soda with half a cup of water. Take 3 ml of this and put into a nebulizer, and nebulize. To make it work even better, add one drop of tea tree oil, or frankincense oil. Repeat 5 times a day.


Frankincense can also be taken by mouth as seeds or oil, up to every 2 hours in serious situations, safely.


If you are pregnant, have heart problems or other problems that you cannot take frankincense, then Rabbi Stern recommends taking colloidal silver, which does not harm and many people have seen very good results taking it.


Simply put, people are using these natural remedies and being healed of Corona – by the hundreds!


Note: Rabbi Stern lives in Bnei Brak, which is one of the areas hardest hit by Corona.

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