20 Cheshvan 5782 / Tuesday, October 26, 2021 | Torah Reading: Chayei Sarah
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The Treasure of Mikva    

The Treasure of Mikva

When a woman immerses in the mikva to fulfill Hashem’s directive, and when she is in the water and thinks about Hashem, the seven Heavens rip wide open…


Family Purity, Part 5

One of the important things to learn about the Mikva is the positive attributes it has. The day of immersion is a great and powerful day, during which a woman can do much.
When a woman just goes to the Mikva, groups and groups of angels escort her; if she would see them, they would blind her from their light. When she leaves the Mikva, thousands of souls come down from the heavens to escort her home.
When a woman actually immerses in order to fulfill Hashem’s directive, when she is in the water and thinks about Hashem, the seven Heavens rip wide open and the souls of our forefathers and righteous grandparents come into the water to be with her when she immerses.
In the water, a woman receives great and strong spiritual powers, like a great Rebbe, a mystic, and a righteous person! These powers remain with her at least for the next twenty-four hour period, from the time of her immersion. During that time she has the power to bless others, and to work wonders!
The Ability to Banish Evil Spirits
Tumah is a spirit, an impure spirit that cannot dwell in the waters of the Mikva. The Mikva by its nature nullifies bad spirits. Even the Yetzer Hara, the Evil Inclination, which is called a spirit, “The spirit of folly,” is nullified in the Mikva waters.
Think about air bubbles in water – each one races to the surface and disappears. The same thing occurs in the ethereal world – once a person enters the kosher Mikva waters, the “bubbles” of the impure spirit leaves, and a person becomes pure.
Throughout people’s lives, bad spirits cling to them which confuse and hinder them, bringing them most of the problems they suffer from. Therefore, many times when people come to me, both men as well as women, and they tell me of their problems, I say to them, “First thing, Mikva! Go into the water, and focus on praying that all the evil spirits within you leave!”
Mikva is beneficial for people with emotional issues, like a lack of happiness. Sadness is a spirit as well - “Sadness of spirit,” or “Lowly Spirit;” these spirits cannot exist in the waters of the mikva. Therefore, they flee from the person.
The Taste for Mikva
Men who try to walk in the path of Chassidut go to Mikva daily because of the tremendous treasures it offers. The Ba’al Shem Tov promised that a person who goes to the Mikva regularly will definitely do Teshuvah during his lifetime. There are many other promises of supernatural gifts to those who use the Mikva, many of which have already been mentioned. Many people immerse daily, including Shabbat and Holidays, rain or snow, every day of their lives, never giving up one day of Mikva! It takes at least a half an hour in a convenient situation, with travelling to and from the Mikva. It may take longer if the Mikva is not close by. Is it boring sometimes? Do those who go have extra time to spare? No way! However, Chassidim say that what the Mikva gives them - in terms of service to Hashem - what nothing else can!
Those who taste the flavor of Mikva won’t give it up even once! You too should take advantage of this Divine gift.
Whenever the Ba’al Shem Tov needed to invoke any salvation, or to find out about a Heavenly decree, he would immerse in a Mikva.
Once, a woman called me, crying in agony from terrible back pain. She had been suffering for years already, and no doctor found a solution for her. My heart filled with pain for her, and I told her I would go to the Mikva for her and she’d see immediate results. And the results were immediate and dramatic – no more pain. Until this day, every time she sees me she reminds me how her pain subsided, and has not returned.
The waters of the Mikva activate immense spiritual powers of which the material world has no control.
Every woman can invoke salvations when she immerses. She can generate spiritual salvations when under the water by focusing with intent that all bad spirits should leave her: the spirit of impurity, the spirit of arrogance, the spirit of folly, and the spirit of jealousy. She should pray that all relations with her spouse should be without any spirit of base lust, but only of purity, for the sake of Heaven. She can also focus on praying that any spirit of rage be nullified, for the Ben Ish Chai writes that immersion in the Mikva nullifies rage. She can also direct her thoughts that every vestige of the spirit of depression and sadness leave her, since Mikva immersion brings happiness.
To be continued.

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