11 Tishrei 5781 / Tuesday, September 29, 2020 | Torah Reading: Ha'azinu
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Harav Arush on the Seder    

Harav Arush on the Seder

Rabbi Arush explains to use how to have “Leil haSeder K’Seder” – an enjoyable and meaningful Seder with tips, tricks and most importantly - all the segulot!


Print this article and put it in your Haggadah  

so that you can follow it as you go through the Seder. 




Preparations for Seder 

I am very careful to have the Seder ready night before. Why? 

1. You must have time to sleep in the afternoon to be awake for the Seder! Men, women and children! The one time that I allow a husband to command a wife is on this day: “You must sleep!!!” 


2. You also need time to eat well in the afternoon in order to have a longer Seder without rushing due to hunger. 


Remember that it’s forbidden to work on Erev Yom Tov, even more serious than working Erev Shabbat!  


It is important to be happy on the holiday, also Passover. Because the holidays are the aspect of the “heart” and the heart needs to be happy! Make sure to prepare with happiness, and do everything with happiness and excitement! 


Remember – a Shomer Shabbat – keeping the holiday is not one mitzvah. It’s thousands of mitzvot! One day is 3,600 seconds, 3,600 mitzvot! This is true for Shabbat and all the more so for the holiday! Be happy! Passover is thousands of wonderful mitzvot, even the simplest Jew who doesn’t learn, a simple Jew, leaves the holiday with tens of thousands of mitzvot! 




Seder night – it’s not night, it’s day! This night has the power as if it was day. 


The evening begins with Maariv! This is when we receive the light of the festival. Also, this is the only night that we say Hallel, and not only one time, but twice! And even women are required to say Hallel twice! At the time of Maariv, they must say Hallel even if they are at home! Ashkenazim and Sephardim! 


On this night all the prayers from the entire year go up to Shamayim! Pray! Ask Hashem to help us have “Leil HaSeder k’Seder”! Start praying now to have a proper Seder! 




The first thing to remember – the Seder begins with emuna! The Seder begins when and how Hashem wants. You must have patience and just be happy and singing. We all want to start with Kadesh right away, but sometimes there are obstacles, big and small. Before Kadesh comes emuna!   


Who wrote the Haggadah? Some say it was Rabbi Akiva, some say Eliyahu Hanavi, and some  say  Anshei  Knesset HaGedolah. Either way, it was giants who wrote the Haggadah! There is so much in it! 


Someone who eats everything at the Seder according to its laws, all kinds of healings will come into the food! 


Everyone must know themselves. If you can manage wine, fine. If not, maybe 50/50 grape juice, and if not even only grape juice! This is not a night to get drunk. Make sure to say my prayer before every cup of wine! (Available in Harav Arush’s Haggadah in Hebrew).  


Matzah – use hand matzah. Only time that we say the blessing “to eat matzah.” The first portion of matzah should be completely plain, no salatim, no nothing. 30 grams is a kezayit. The best thing is to weigh before the Seder your matzah, to know how much is a kezayit. But even the thinnest round hand matzah, has in it at least 4 kezayot. So eat at least a quarter of a hand matzah and you’re fine! Make sure you eat at least a kezayit of the maror as well. 


Say everything with a tune! And also to say it loudly, even yelling! It says that Hashem “heard our cry.” So this is a night to cry out to Hashem! There is an amazing Zohar on this. It’s a segulah for tikkun habrit. 


To lean – to lean to the left is not enough. You must lean on something. On a pillow, on the arm chair, on whatever – but lean! 


Everything has it’s segulah. Tonight is also a night to remember childless women – the 3 angels came to Avraham