17 Cheshvan 5782 / Saturday, October 23, 2021 | Torah Reading: Vayeira
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Adam's Story    

Adam's Story

Nothing anyone advised her helped. Then, one of her clients gave her an emuna CD. At first, she was skeptical. But with nothing to lose, she decided to try its advice...


Shalom Aleichem! My name is Eliyahu Moshe (Adam) Zelcer. I live in Monsey, New York and am Baruch Hashem married with 2 children.


I wanted to introduce myself and start off by thanking Hashem immensely for bringing you Breslev Israel, Rabbi Shalom Arush and Rabbi Lazer Brody into my and my wife's lives. We've grown and flourished immensely under numerous of your CD's and we've gotten to the point where we now merit to be purchasing them and distributing them to friends and family. With Hashem's help, we pray to be the biggest U.S. distributors of them assisting in spreading Emuna and bringing immense nachas to Hashem and bringing the Geula closer!!
I have a story to share with you. I had to get speech therapy about 5 months ago because I was having trouble projecting my voice. I used a highly recommended therapist, the same one my son used for feeding therapy actually. She did great work with my son and me as well. She's in her mid 60's, divorced, and she used to be observant, yet her kids married outside of Judaism. Despite her past, from my exposure to her, I found her to be an overall upbeat happy person. One day towards the end of our therapy sessions she started to confide in me some of the issues she's dealing with - how she really isn't happy that her kids married non-Jews, how she's in deep financial distress, and how at her age getting paid about $45 an hour is a bit underpaid considering her experience and expertise. Even with that salary, she's struggling immensely to pay for basics. She mentioned how she was a bit upset from consulting a couple of local Rabbis for advice on her kids and her income, yet she became more confused and saw no results.
I gave her a copy of your CD, The Only Address, and told her to listen to it of course, but in a nutshell, I told her that from now on don't look to anyone for assistance except Hashem. Just ask Him for everything. She looked at me like I was nuts. I told her again, Just ask Hashem for whatever you feel you need and He'll help. She says, "No Rabbi ever told me that...it was always a segula (ploy) for this or a segula for that.."
I said, "Even if they were right, let's forget about it. Move forward, just ask Hashem in your own words every day when you drive home from work what you really want." She said OK...
The next week when I saw her at therapy she tells me, "I followed your advice and everyday I've been asking Hashem for a raise in salary. I have a meeting with my boss next week and I want to discuss this issue beforehand with them. What do you say?"
I said, "Whatever you do, don't say a word to him whatsoever! Between now and then, just keep asking Hashem for help and a raise and let Him surprise you, it'll work out."
The following week she was immensely overjoyed when I came in. She says, "You're not going to believe what happened! I walk into the meeting having in mind what I want as far as a raise and a couple of other issues, (from $45 to $55, and a couple of other perks and benefits), and before I can say one word, not one word, my boss says we're raising you to $70 an hour!!!!" She almost fell off the chair!! Not only that, but they gave her the perks she wanted and then some!!! She didn't say a word! Except of course for "Thank you" before she left. She and I spent that hour of my therapy laughing and in complete amazement as to the miracle Hashem did for her just from some simple personal prayer, like it says on the CD. She was so happy and I was happy for her. We both reminded each other the importance of thanking and praying to Hashem. She sincerely thanked me too for helping to bring about such a positive effect and change in her life. I felt so amazing and empowered and have since seen the beauty of helping others strengthen their Emuna.
The above story gave tremendous encouragement to my wife as well that we laugh about it still. Breslev Israel, you have a huge, huge, huge credit from this story alone!! As does Rabbi Arush and his translator Rabbi Brody. I wanted to let you know. I hope you enjoyed it!
On another note, my wife and I really really love Vessels of Abundance. It's awesome!!! The message is so powerful. We keep reminding each other that any problem in our lives could always be 5,000 times worse and that the minor inconveniences are gifts! Just yesterday, when I got a static shock (you know, like from taking out the laundry or whatever), I said to my wife, Thank you Hashem!...if that shock was 5,000 times worse, I'd be in Heaven!
Thanks Breslev Israel for enabling us to be your partners in spreading emuna. It has been a great blessing in our life, and we hope to do much more!!!
Breslev Israel, Rabbi Arush and Rabbi Brody convey their appreciation and thanks to the Zelcer Family! You too can add phenomenal blessings to your life. Help spread emuna and you'll see miracles too! 

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