7 Tishrei 5781 / Friday, September 25, 2020 | Torah Reading: Ha'azinu
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Carona Part 6 - The Real Problem    

Carona Part 6 - The Real Problem

Someone who can't leave home is considered to be in jail. Why would Hashem do this to us? Let’s learn what to fix in order to solve the Corona problem once and for all…


In Part 5 – From Lockdown to Freedom, I discussed two of the reasons Rebbe Nachman of Breslev brings as to why someone might be judged that they need to go to jail, which is equivalent to lockdown and quarantine. I discussed that social media, the Internet and “smart”phones lead to the worst evil speech imaginable.  


However, the problem with these devices starts long before the evil speech itself, and all the rest of the problems with them like depression, anxiety, a shortened attention span, and much more.  


The first and most serious problem is that a person drowns in a sea of information that does nothing to help him with his life – and something that doesn’t help you, harms you. It distracts you from your purpose and rectification in life, and the reason why you are in this world in the first place. Why do you need to know what is going on in the world? What does this add for you? What does it give you? How does it help you fulfill your purpose in life??? 


I call these devices “Admorim (an Admor is a Rabbinical leader whose followers listen with baited breath to his every word and follow his instructions without second thought) – because they are the Admorim of the young generation. Everyone is connected to these devices and media channels in their hearts and minds. They listen to everything that they say without thinking or fact-checking. They listen to their messages, advice and opinions – and confusions – without any form of testing. A lot of this information is completely baseless and unfounded, and a big part is also mistakes and outright lies! This simply creates unnecessary confusion and panic in the general public. 


Therefore, if you truly care about yourself, discard these devices and start living the good life – real life! Emuna, trust in G-d, and fulfilling your purpose in life. Don’t waste your mind and energy on stupidity, and all the more so on serious sins! 


Next, these devices spread heresy and sexual lust that literally uproots a person from This World and the Next World, and on this there isn’t even what to speak more about. 


A third problem with these devices is that people become full of fear and anxiety. People complain to me, and I explain to them that all of their fears come from listening to the news! Listening to the news disconnects us from emuna and the reality that G-d loves us, and watches over us with personal Divine Guidance! Instead, the person is thrown into an imaginary world where this virus is spreading uncontrollably and no one knows what is going to happen next, as if it is all random and G-d has given control over the world to this little virus, G-d forbid. This is literally heresy! Since it disconnects the person from Hashem, it is obvious that he will be filled with fear and anxiety! 


The fourth harm caused by these cursed devices is the incredible waste of time! What a waste of life itself! Our time is precious because it is by definition limited, and every moment is a slice of life. There is so much to finish in our fleeting time in this world – things with meaning and purpose like prayer, learning Torah and spending time with your family. What are you doing burning your time glued to a little device on foolishness at best, and serious sins at worst? You are literally killing your own life!!! 


In reality, this device is in and of itself a prison. So G-d said, “You want to put yourself in prison? Fine. Enjoy the prison you created for yourself!”  


But someone who chooses to rid himself of these devices, chooses real freedom. G-d willing, every Jew who listens to these words and disconnects himself from these devices, and from the Internet, and social media – has a portion in stopping this plague from all of us, and the Final Redemption as well! 


The Exodus from Egypt started when Moshe Rabbeinu comes on the scene, and the people started listening to him. Moshe began to teach them mitzvot, which they kept – and from there began the huge light of the Redemption. Unfortunately, in that generation, there were also those that refused to listen to Moshe. Those that listened to Moshe even with the difficulties involved were redeemed! They left the gigantic prison called Egypt, and merited the light of emuna and Torah. Those that did not, died in Egypt during the plague of darkness. 


Our Sages teach that the final redemption will mimic the exodus from Egypt. I call upon the Jewish people in whatever place you may be to disconnect from their devices and fake “Admorim” who lead them into oblivion, the “fake prophets” of our generation, and connect to the real leaders of our generation who are leading the Jewish people in the path of Torah and halacha - Jewish law.  


Connect to the true leaders who are bringing people to fulfill their true purpose, to emuna, and to true freedom – and from there, to the Final Redemption!!! 


Stay strong! Hashem is with us! Hashem loves us, Hashem is overseeing us with personal Divine Guidance, and G-d will never do anything bad to us. G-d is just waiting for us to return to Him in repentance and to disconnect even a little from the lies, and to speak to Him in our own words about everything that we are going through, in order to connect to Him and forge a personal relationship with G-d. 


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