10 Cheshvan 5782 / Saturday, October 16, 2021 | Torah Reading: Lech Lecha
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The Cure for Corona    

The Cure for Corona

Corona came from Hashem, not some government, chance, or a bat. Therefore, don’t look to natural cures to heal it, either!


I read an article quoting New York Governor Cuomo stating that the Coronavirus model projections have been consistently unreliable. Thankfully, the predictions from the models have proven to be wrong and there are far less hospitalizations and deaths than originally projected. However, I think there is more at work here than just projections and the natural course of the plague. 


It may be that according to the laws of nature the models were indeed on target. However, in response to our prayers and repentance, the Creator in His mercy has decided to make a drastic reduction to the scope of this plague. Therefore, the solution is more prayer and more repentance. 


Each of us needs to increase the volume and quality of our prayers. Each of us in our own way needs to perform a self-assessment and determine how we should improve our thoughts, speech, and deeds to be in accordance with what the Creator wants. We then need to make a sincere commitment to follow through. 


Rabbi Natan of Breslev says that where he sees a deficiency, there is always a deficiency of prayer. Rabbi Shalom Arush highlights this simple powerful principle as the key to a good life. In the Garden of Emuna, Rabbi Arush explains that every salvation has a spiritual price tag. The bigger the request, the more prayer required. We can see before our very eyes that our prayers are beginning to take effect. Now is not the time to let up. Quite the contrary, we have to intensify and expand our prayers. 


In the Gemara in tractate Yoma page 86a Rabbi Chama ben Chanina says: “Great is repentance for it brings healing to the world. In addition to the judgment God passes on each person, there is a judgment on the entire world collectively. Therefore, by repenting, a person benefits not only himself but also the rest of the world.  We now see numerous efforts at producing vaccines and cures for this dreaded virus that look very promising and may soon be coming to fruition. 


Each person must see themselves as having a key role in securing a worldwide salvation from this disease. On the same page of Gemara on page 86b Rabbi Meir says: “Great is repentance, for on account of an individual who repents, the entire world is forgiven. Each of us should strive to be that person! 


How can we turn these Concepts into a practical reality and become part of the solution rather than part of the problem? Here are a couple suggestions: 


With Prayer You Win; With News You Lose! 


Instead of wasting time reading and hearing about the problem, take concrete efforts to solve it. Listening to the news will not bring our needed salvation one second closer. When you are tempted to spend time reading the news, reallocate that time to something really constructive. This could include personal prayer, reciting Tehillim (Psalms), studying Torah, or doing an act of kindness.  


Even more important – do the Chok Todah  the Law of Thank You – Rabbi Arush’s new formula! Many people sick with Corona have testified that spending 15 minutes a day thanking Hashem for their suffering, plus 8 times Psalm 100 Mizmor L’Todah, healed them much faster than anyone expected, without complications! Now, that’s a rule cure! 


God knows when it's hard for us to give up something. When we do this, it is like a Korbon (sacrifice) which is very precious to Him. Forgoing or at least significantly reducing our monitoring of the news cycle reinforces our faith that only Hashem is running the world and that He is in full control. Moreover, showing Hashem that we depend on Him alone is a true expression of emuna that will elevate and empower our prayers. 


Next time you plan to take a peek at the news for 5 minutes, consider that the 5 minutes usually turns into 15 minutes or a half-hour. However, even if you do stick to 5 minutes, many constructive actions can otherwise be accomplished in that same time; actions that have immeasurable and eternal value. If you simply must look at your smart phone, go to this web site. Recharge your strength, uplift your morale and reinforce your connection to Hashem.  



Repentance: Make a New Beginning 


Identify one or more areas where you need to improve your relationship with Hashem or with your fellow man. Better yet, look back to the commitments you already made right before Rosh Hashanah and evaluate how you've been doing since then. 


Each day, spend time evaluating yourself. Thank Hashem for any progress you've made and ask for His patience and forgiveness when you’ve fallen short. Devote a significant part of your personal prayers requesting His help. When you make a sincere commitment, pray for assistance and give it your best effort, you, will surely elicit Divine favor. 


Do Your Best; He’ll Do the Rest 


We certainly need to take personal responsibility to preserve our health and heed the instructions of our public health officials. This is mandated by Jewish law. At the same time we know that in the final analysis, sickness and healing comes only from Hashem. He is the real power behind the scenes. While making our best personal efforts, we need to rely solely on His compassion and mercy. The greater the faith we place in Him, the more powerful will be our prayers. The more we trust in Him, the more we evoke Divine compassion and assistance. 


Spiritual healing generates physical healing both for our bodies and for the world economy. By internalizing the realization of Hashem’s complete control and mercy we can fully harness the power of prayer and repentance. We can then envision things not only returning to normal but becoming even better than ever. 


Hashem has cleared our schedules for us to take time to talk with Him and evaluate ourselves. By engaging in more heartfelt prayer, self-assessment, and repentance with love we will surely see great salvations in the days ahead. 



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