9 Shvat 5781 / Friday, January 22, 2021 | Torah Reading: Bo
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The Hijacker    

The Hijacker

The hijacker wants every moment of your time, getting you hooked on likes, comments, and shares while filling your life with games, pictures, arguments, and sheer nonsense…


Emuna, we need you badly – now more than ever…


Hashem gave us with free will an opportunity and a responsibility. During this critical time in human history, it is essential that we direct our actions, words, and thoughts toward Him in full faith. Today, evil is full force. Evil is a hijacker masked in technology. In an ultra-sophisticated manner, the hijacker steals lives, taking down as many people with him as he can into the grave, where he is inevitably headed.


To survive, and live to see the great day, we have to spare no effort, just like our enemy.


The hijacker is a dangerous enemy. Emuna is our sole defense; we therefore must defend ourselves from the toxic input that destroys it. Shut off the misleading voices, those who lead us toward decadence and indecency, toward excesses, toward anger. The daily news keeps us angry and divided. It teaches us to judge our fellow man, something which we must not do.


Social media companies hire PhDs and professionals who’ve worked at casinos. They’ve developed methods to keep people playing the slot machines and other games, in order to get them addicted. Now their task is to hijack every free moment of your time, getting you hooked on likes, comments, and shares. Their goal is to fill your life with games, pictures, arguments, and sheer nonsense. They get a 7-figure salary and an 8-figure options package. You get nothing – a life ruled by emptiness.


This is a coordinated attack from the forces of Evil to blind you to the Truth, especially now that it is becoming so obvious for all of us to see!


At a time when we most need emuna – unshakable faith and hope - our spiritual enemies are luring us into staring down the hollow emptiness of a screen, stealing our time and destroying our opportunity to use our free will to maximize our potential.


It's not just social media. It’s also the apps on our smartphones. They are rotten apples we digest that make us sick.


Moshe reminds us in the Book of Deuteronomy that we must choose life. This is a daily choice, a moment to moment decision and reaffirmation. There are billions of people out-there believing that this leader will save me, or that this cultural idol will elevate my soul... it will not.


Hashem placed free will in each of us is so that we can save ourselves. If we all act, this collective self-improvement can tip the scales and help bring about the redemption. Free will is an opportunity for PARTNERSHIP with Hashem. Failure to execute it properly traps you into a partnership with evil.


There is no neutrality to the choices you make. There is only good and evil. What is not for good is inevitably for evil. There are no sidelines in this world, only one line which divides good and evil.


May Hashem help us, elevate us, and carry us through this critical time to the right side of Redemption, and may we see Peace in our lifetime with our rebuilt holy Beit HaMikdash (Third Temple) in Jerusalem, Amen.



* * *

Shulamit Ben Horin grew up in the Soviet Union, emigrated to America where she lived in New York, and make Aliyah to Israel in 2009. She developed http://www.abetterlifeinisrael.com/, a 5-hour, 20-video series which gives you day to day guidance on How to Enjoy a Better Life in Israel.

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