12 Tishrei 5781 / Wednesday, September 30, 2020 | Torah Reading: Sukkot
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The Real Truth about Coronavirus    

The Real Truth about Coronavirus

Theories abound about how Corona started and what is going on in the world with lockdowns and economic shutdown, but there is only one truth…


Everyone is talking about Coronavirus.


How did it start? Did it come from a meat market? Was it a planned biological attack or even a lab experiment gone wrong in a Wuhan viral lab? Is it new, or has it been around for half a year already?


And why is the world reacting the way they are? Why don’t they care about the failing economy? Why are we on lockdown? Do we really need to be on lockdown?


Why are mostly elderly and people with “pre-existing conditions” dying, while others don’t even know they are carriers? Are ventilators really the best way to treat severe cases? Maybe this is a planned plague? Or a fake plague?


There are the conspiracy theories: Maybe the “powers that be” are trying to force us all into poverty and enslave us, and get us to agree to their draconian “police state” rules by terrifying us with pictures of rows of people on ventilators? Maybe they are just trying to kill us all with the mandatory vaccine that will come out of this, which will be more dangerous than the disease itself?


What about the war on religious Jewish life? Or the fact that many are calling this “the Jewish plague”?


There are a million questions, and not really much by way of answers. Everyone is putting in their two cents, but no one really knows the truth.


In short, the fear, anxiety and worry could drive you crazy! Add to that the kids all at home, being cooped up with your spouse which you used to hardly see, and the sudden cessation of income… and the situation becomes a serious hell on earth! And that’s assuming you’re healthy…


But there is a way out of Hell. As Rabbi Arush always says: “Or emuna, or Hell (Gehinnom).”


Let's go back to the very beginning of The Garden of Emuna which started it all:

"Without emuna there are no answers, and with emuna, there are no questions!"


The real truth is: All of these theories and Facebook posts and news stories and and and – they are all just heresy taking you away from the real truth that there is a God in the World! God is the Master of the World, and GOD ALONE is doing all this!!!


Who cares what is going on?! Will it help you? If the pandemic is true, or false, or whatever – in the end all and be all, it is GOD HIMSELF who is doing this to us. Who is running the world? Them – or God?!


If it's a real pandemic, it's from Hashem. And if it's not, then it's just like Purim - the evil ones are doing what they think will work for them, and Hashem is simply using them as a stick to get the Jewish people to do teshuva and repent. We will, and Hashem will destroy them forever! 


Either way it's from Hashem – which means that it is also for our ultimate best.


Either way we can't change the government restrictions and destruction of the economy.


Why waste our time on theories either way??? Why terrify ourselves with the daily stats?


And that’s as if only our time was at stake – but what is at stake is our emuna. Our sanity. Our ability to stay clear-headed and focused in the midst of panic and trauma. Our life-line which enables us to cope, and even be happy, in the midst of some of the greatest upheaval that the world might have ever seen.


The Evil Inclination is trying to get us to grasp onto whatever straws we can grab – as if “knowing what is going on” is going to help us control the situation better.


We are told that “Information is Power” – and thus, we set out trying to get all the information, in order to get back some semblance of power and control back in our lives, when the rug has been pulled out from under us, so to speak.


The problem is – it doesn’t work. And worse than that, this search for the facts only harms us.


We become filled with fear and anxiety. We lose our connection to the real truth, which is the simple emuna that this too is from Hashem and for our best. We become filled with heretical ideas and theories, as if other people, governments or even the virus itself has independent power and works on its own, G-d forbid. Then we fall into depression and despair, which Rebbe Nachman teaches is the worst of all sins.


And the worst of all: Rabbi Arush said that this is a time when each of us is being personally tested by God on our level of emuna. The entire world is being clarified and sifted – who believes in God, and who doesn’t. It doesn’t matter how you dress, or what denomination you call yourself.


All that matters is your true level of emuna. We want to pass this test!


Connect to the real truth: There is only God! Ein od milvado! We are being forced to wake up in order to be redeemed! Don’t see anything or anyone else!


Now that we have connected to the only real truth, now we can focus on using the power we really do have –

the power of prayer, repentance, and strengthening our emuna to say thank you even for the suffering.


Emuna is powerful. Emuna brings us above nature, and gives us complete protection from all evil, from whatever source it might come. Emuna gives us calm and tranquility even in the eye of the storm.


Emuna gives us the ability to learn the lessons that Hashem wants us to learn from this entire sordid situation - which is the point! God does not send His creations suffering for no reason. In fact the opposite is true - He wants us out of lockdown even more than we want it! Nevertheless, this lockdown is good for us, and therefore He brought it, and He is not going to take it away until it has fulfilled its good purpose.


When we get the point, then we no longer need the suffering. Having fulfilled its good purpose, the suffering goes away.



Therefore, only emuna has the power to turn around the entire situation for the good!



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