12 Kislev 5781 / Saturday, November 28, 2020 | Torah Reading: Vayeitzei
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What The World Fears Most    

What The World Fears Most

There is no precedent for any nation reviving a language after 2,000 years to everyday use, and reviving a nation on a land barely inhabited for almost 20 centuries…


There is an obvious reason why the world is so Pro-Palestinian but it's not the one you think.


If the world was so concerned about the plight of the Palestinians, why don't they protest the fact that a Palestinian refugee in Jordan receives 10 cents in international aid for every dollar a Palestinian in Israel gets? What about the worst tragedy in their history: the indiscriminate murder of 3,000 Palestinians in a Syrian refugee camp by ISIS? Where is the outcry?


We know the answer: these Palestinians have nothing to do with the Jews.


There is something more to anti-Semitism and it's got nothing to do with hating Jews. It goes beyond that.


Ever since ancient Egypt, certainly in the Greek and Roman times, and without a doubt in Europe and America, the entire western system has revolved around feeding physical pleasure. It can be kosher, like eating all the sushi you want, or it can be non-kosher, like enjoying a commercial about deodorant because the model promoting it is wearing a bikini.


The economy of western civilization, since day one, is dependent on the pursuit of physical pleasure. Western societies create these needs, stoke the fires of people's lusts, and make sure that consumers see the satisfaction of these lusts in the purchase of their products. Take this away and at least 20% of the goods and services produced are no longer necessary.


Think about that.


Once we decide to heed the words of the Aleinu prayer where all mankind will accept Hashem's world the way He created it, the global economy will contract by 20%! That's even worse than what happened throughout the Great Depression.


On the surface, especially in the eyes of a society that is trained to look no further, the message of Israel's very existence is one of total disaster. That's why, whether the world wants to admit it, they cannot allow G-d's nation to exist. There is simply too much to lose.


But it's beyond that. The very reason 20% of the economy is based on physical pleasure is because we want it that way. Assuming 70% of the economy is driven by what people, families, and nations need to live and develop, the majority of what we do with our spare time and resources is dedicated to pleasing the senses.


That's our world. That's the way of life we have been raised to value, love, and yes -- worship. This is why Rome, in all of its incarnations is accurate: we are the nation that kills their god.


Because right at the beginning, Hashem told the Jewish People that we would be a nation. He promises us a country on our ancient and eternal soil. He warns us that if we continue to sin, we will be exiled from our Land. He also promises, thousands of years before any of the 7 billion people on this earth were even born, that one day we will return home.


There is no human being that ever lived who made such a prediction on his own. There is no precedent for any nation reviving a language after 2,000 years to everyday use, and reviving a nation on a land barely inhabited for almost 20 centuries.


It has never happened before and it will never happen again.


The nation of Israel is a moment-to-moment proof of what the Egyptians, Greeks, Romans, Europeans, and Americans fear most:


A. G-d exists.


B. G-d is as modern as He is ancient. He is eternal, with full knowledge of Wi-Fi and Smartphones at the same moment He is instructing Adam about the Tree of Knowledge.


C. He is here among us, in every minute detail of our lives as much as He is in the stars and galaxies trillions of light years away.


D. His law, which prohibits a very big chunk of what is considered acceptable in today's world, reigns supreme and will inevitably reassert itself when He decides.


E. Accepted behavior among the billions of people in this world is wrong, and it has to change.


These are hard truths for anyone to accept. It's hard enough for me to listen to my wife when she says I need to lose weight. Nobody likes to be told they have a single character flaw.


Imagine what the world would think if it had to sit down and soberly digest these truths.


It would do what anyone in a similar situation would do in order to not go insane: shoot the messenger.


That is why the world is stacked up against Israel.


Our job, as Israelis, as people who have to become Israelis, and our dearly beloved friends and brothers of mankind is to have faith in Hashem, is to accept these truths, and know that in doing so the world won't be so bad once these changes take effect.


In fact, the world will truly be a magnificent place when it happens.

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