20 Cheshvan 5782 / Tuesday, October 26, 2021 | Torah Reading: Chayei Sarah
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Why the Police Terrorize the Religious    

Why the Police Terrorize the Religious

We have brought everything upon ourselves with our own mistakes. But by acknowledging and correcting it, we can change everything for the good…


And God said to Noah, "The end of all flesh has come before Me, for the earth has become full of robbery because of them, and behold I am destroying them from the earth (Genesis 6:13). 


The end of all flesh: According to Rashi, wherever you find promiscuity, a pestilence comes upon the world and kills both good and bad alike [from Gen. Rabbah 26:5]. 


There you have it. The plague is a plague of promiscuity.  


For decades we loosened standards for what’s in bounds for using the bodies G-d gives us.  


He warned us with AIDS. He warned us with the swine flu. He warned us with the bird flu.  


We didn't listen.  


The West passed legislation making all forms of sodomy and sexual inversion legal. 


The Supreme Court of Israel demanded the Knesset pass a law making sodomy legal. This hasn't happened in Israel since the actual cities of Sodom and Gomorrah did so right next to the Dead Sea.  


We all saw how that turned out.  


Now we see what is happening here. A month after this decree, Corona struck.   


Since the plague, our government appointed an open sodomite as Minister of Internal Security. He is directly in charge of the police in Israel. From the day he took office, Torah Jews have been targeted for violence by the very people who swore to protect them 


As residents of Tel Aviv walk the streets without masks right next to police cars, and thousands protest the government with no answer from the law, Torah observant families can’t even marry off their children - even as they follow all guidelines by the Health Ministry.  


Torah Jews are beaten, bloodied, and thrown in jail by the sodomite led police force for no reason. It has gotten so bad that religious Jews are having their weddings in Arab towns. 


Who is to Blame 


According to the Tanya, if a certain sin bothers us to the very core of our being, it means we are doing something very wrong and the only place we should be looking is in a mirror.  


Let's turn inward and ask ourselves why suddenly the Israeli police are targeting G-d fearing Jews as if they are Palestinian terrorists . .  or cockroaches disloyal to her fuhrer:  


1. We let them.  
Without the 16 Knesset seats that the religious Jews give the current government, it will fall to pieces and there will be new elections.  
The Torah parties can even create a 61-seat government without the current Prime Minister and without elections! 


Yet, we allow the party in power to appoint a sodomite over the police force who doesn't seem to have a problem with his men breaking the arms and legs of those who love Hashem.  

Are some extra stipends from the government worth allowing that government to enact policies that will destroy all of us? Do we, as G-d loving Jews, have the right to act as an accomplice to open sodomy? 


2. We let everyone.  

Where is the protest against sexual immorality in general?  


Where is the movement to restore purity to the Land? Where are the 2 million religious marching in the name of sexual purity for everyone - regardless of orientation? Where is the 2 million name petition to hold real standards for billboards, internet content, and dress code in general? 


We don't communicate to the nation the importance of the mitzvah to guard our sexual dignity, and as a result of our silence, we let the nation sin, and sin, and sin, and sin. Are the righteous punished along with the wicked because we didn’t stand up to this? 


Is Hashem implying that if we fought this . . . He would grant us victory, and that if we don’t fight, that makes us as guilty as everyone else? 


We must unite and speak up against what is destroying all mankind.  


3. We are doing this ourselves.  

Let’s not be so ignorant as to think it’s just the secular.  


Every public speaking Rabbi has called the breach of standards in this regard among the religious a pandemic.  


The religious community has become infected with the plague of promiscuity. The difference between us and the secular is that we are supposed to know better! 


We are not doing enough to stop this among our own. We are not doing enough to protect our children.  


Hashem promised Abraham that if just 10 people were deemed righteous among the people of Sodom and Gomorrah, then everyone would have been spared. That means Hashem would let the millions of people continue to live in these cities even as they committed the worst abominations – in the merit of just 10 people fighting with all their hearts to fear Hashem by fearing sin.  


Even if we are so far gone and we see no end in sight to this Evil Inclination that has gripped us in its nearly invincible vices, if we did all everything we could to resist, a sincere and ongoing effort can be enough to make a real change in the entire world 


We MUST fight, every moment of every day, to Guard the Covenant by policing our own choices. We must change the way we interact with members of the opposite sex, and stop dressing in a way that accentuates the body and attracts attention – men and women alike. We must put strong filters on the Internet and our own eyes. 


This, and only this, will end the Corona Plague.  


This plague didn’t come from China. It came from Hashem.  


Rabbi Nachman teaches that there is no problem so great that you cannot fix it 


Now that we realize how guilty we, the religious, are of creating and spreading this deadly plague among Israel and the world. . . we understand that it is well within our ability to repent and Hashem will fix everything 


* * * 

David Ben Horin lives in Israel with his wife and children. 

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