4 Cheshvan 5781 / Thursday, October 22, 2020 | Torah Reading: Noach
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Come on Home!

The Yetzer doesn’t want you attaining your soul correction, so he fights to keep you away from here and gives you fifty reasons to remain in the Diaspora.


Patience is the key to emuna. Rebbe Nachman tells us that the only place on the world where a person can attain true patience is in the Land of Israel.

The holiness of the Land of Israel is the home for the soul. Rebbe Nachman teaches that emuna leads to having one's prayers answered. All prayers rise by way of the Land of Israel. A person's prayers are strongest in the Land of Israel, to the extent that they can work miracles, above the limitations of nature.
The Land of Israel  is the place to acquire emuna, for one sees Hashem's hand so strong here, as in all the miracles of the recent Gaza War.
Rebbe Nachman teaches that the Land of Israel is the place for children. Our forefathers were barren outside of Israel, but Abraham and Sara came here and had children. This can work for you too.
The Land of Israel can save a person from all evil, because of its high-level kedusha. Only in Israel can a person attain the level of emuna where natural restrictions and limitations don't affect him at all, for here is the place of upper-level holiness.
The air of the Land of Israel makes a person's brain function better. The Talmud teaches that a person can fulfill his intellectual potential only in the Land of Israel. That's understandable, because the more emuna a person has, the better his or her mind functions. Since the Land of Israel is the place of emuna, one can attain a broadening of the mind here.
Even more, Rebbe Nachman says that the whole world receives its brains from the Land of Israel.
Rabbi Zeira fasted for 100 times to forget the Babylonian Talmud, so that he could have a clean mind to learn the Torah of Eretz Yisrael.
Every Jew has a share in the Land of Israel – it’s your home!
The Torah teaches that Hashem's eyes never depart from the Land of Israel. Therefore, those who are privileged to dwell here enjoy a maximum measure of Divine providence over their lives.
The Land of Israel is the source of blessings, for all blessings are derived from here.
There's an optical illusion here; many people see that their charity is supporting the Land of Israel, yet in actuality, they are deriving their abundance from here, and not the opposite. Their charity is like watering their garden; nevertheless, the garden is where the fruit comes from, and that’s here in the Land of Israel.
Another optical illusion is that money is easier to come by outside of the Land of Israel. That's a trick of the Evil Inclination, and with all the stock markets and mortgage markets crashing around the world, that myth is coming to an end. It’s the Yetzer, the Evil Inclination, that will do anything in the world to keep a Jew from the Land of Israel, because he wants you wandering in diaspora, stressed and depressed, and not coming home to where your soul belongs. The Yetzer doesn’t want you attaining your soul correction, so he fights to keep you away from here and gives you fifty reasons to remain in the Diaspora.
Why do you pray three times a day for the ingathering of the exiles if you have no intention of coming here? Is that truth, intellectual or moral?
Every G-d fearing Jew that comes to the Land of Israel chases away more darkness and brings the Geula closer.
It surprises me how Sabbath-observant people don't want to come to the Land of Israel. Rebbe Levi Yitschak of Berditchev, who had nothing but good to say about every Jew, said that if a Jew doesn't earnestly strive to come to the Land of Israel, and if he doesn't long for the Land of Israel, and pray to come here and beg H to let him have a foothold in the Land of Israel – then he won't have a share in the redemption of our people in the Land of Israel! Are you waiting for Moshiach before you come?
Moshiach will say, “Now you’ve come? Where were you when we needed you?”
The Land of Israel is the place to get to know Hashem. The Land of Israel is the promise of Hashem to our forefathers. Moshe Rabbenu begged to get here, and was willing to give up everything to get here!
Our sages say that walking 4 steps in the Land of Israel wipes a person's slate clean. If you believe in the holiness of the Land of Israel, every 4 steps you take is like a Yom Kippur. Our sages also said that those who live overseas resemble people that have no G-d, but one who lives in the Land of Israel has a G-d. So, living overseas is like idol worship – the Gemorra says so (see tractate Ketubot 111-112)
The Land of Israel  is the place where the body and soul find unity and happiness. You can change your life for the better by coming here. If you yearn for happiness – come home to the Land of Israel.
If you yearn for fulfillment, emuna, fulfilling your potential, raising your children the best way possible, living as a Jew, and attaining personal freedom, then come home to the Land of Israel!
Where do you start? What do you do? Start praying to Hashem for the privilege of moving to Eretz Yisrael. Liquidate overseas assets and invest in a flat here. Dear brothers and sisters, we're waiting for you – you strengthen us! We need you! Even if you're rich and you give a lot of money to Israel, your presence here is more important. By your living here, you bring the Geula closer, not only the general Geula, but your personal Geula too.
Here in the Land of Israel, you can get whatever you want by praying at the kotel, or in the Machpela Cave, or in Miron, Tzfat, and Tiveria at the gravesites of the great tzaddikim. Rebbe Nachman says that when a person prays at the grave of a tzaddik, Hashem performs miracles for him even if he doesn't deserve it.
We're waiting for you! Our Talmudic sages teach us that the only place where one can find genuine emuna is Eretz Yisrael, the enchanting Land of Israel.
Have pity on your soul. Ask Hashem to take you home to Eretz Yisrael. I sincerely hope to see you here soon, with Moshiach, the ingathering of the exiles, and the full redemption of our people speedily and in our time, amen.

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  Chaim Zalmon,please don't give up and "accept your fate"..create vessels through prayer!!
A Talmid of Rav Arush and Rav Brody4/2/2013 4:10:55 PM
  The Ger
Jim Murray4/2/2013 2:31:00 PM
  this is a wonderful advertisement
Anonymous,5/12/2011 4:15:43 AM
  What should someone who is a young adult to do
Chaim Zalmon4/20/2009 1:48:01 AM

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