6 Shvat 5781 / Tuesday, January 19, 2021 | Torah Reading: Bo
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How Israel Stands Atop the Post-Pandemic World    

How Israel Stands Atop the Post-Pandemic World

Intense anti-Semitism in the US and around the globe, plus the Corona recession, have cast heavy clouds over the Jewish People. Israel is the silver lining...


It was bound to happen.  


A group of well-intending Jews in Philadelphia tried to join a Black Lives Matter protest to object to a person of color being killed.  


A mob of angry men told them that this wasn’t their fight, and manhandled them  out of the way while calling them members of the “Synagogue of Satan.”  See  BLM mob violently chases Jewish men showing ‘solidarity’ at Philadelphia protest. 


These people remind us of the brave Jewish men who fought for Germany in World War I. Instead of gratitude for their solidarity, they were accused of “stabbing Germany in the back. Then they themselves were stabbed in the back by the very people they offered their lives to protect just 15 years later. They were discriminated against and ultimately killed, even while continuing to receive their government paychecks from WWI. 


The Income Divide Threatens to Tear us all Apart 

All over the world, money is being created by central banks and distributed at a pace never seen before. This new money is chasing industries where 1% of the people command 80% of the assets. The average working and middle class families are barely staying afloat (and many are indeed drowning), while the rich see their stock gains accumulate.    


The rich are getting richer as fast as the middle class and poor are sliding into a financial abyss 


This divide has already imploded New York and California where nobody is safe from looters, rioters, and gang members. The police have been sterilized into helplessness, even as thousands of rioters have been totally let off the hook for maiming police and worse, because they are “oppressed.”  


At the same time, both states are knee deep in human waste, rotting in the streets with a homelessness pandemic worse than the COVID-19 plague. Highway underpasses and sidewalks have been turned into tent cities. 


Asia is Spreading Something to Israel 


Economies all over the world are at the breaking point. They are desperate to keep from falling past the point of no return. They are fast tracking anything that will rescue their economies.  


One of those life boats are free trade agreements, especially with nations that specialize in industries that are proving themselves to be resistant to the current recession. 


Free trade negotiations that have been dragging on for decades are now about to be signed. Israel enjoys a free trade zone that includes United States, Canada, Mexico, and Europe. We are on the verge of including China, Japan, and South Korea. That’s expanding our tariff-free export market by $21 trillion. The entire free trade zone Israel has to export its oil, gas, high-tech, and agricultural output has reached $100 trillion 



Our New Investors 


The peace treaty with UAE and Bahrain came as a surprise. The real shock is the pace at which the Arabs are rushing to fully integrate with us.  


They are sending investors by the plane load. There are already over 100 weekly flights scheduled between Tel Aviv and Abu Dhabi. OurCrowd, a major venture capital fund based in Israel, hired an old guard veteran of the Emirati financial scene to find new investments between Israel and the Gulf Arab nation. Investment firms throughout the Emirates and Bahrain are doing the same here.  


Hundreds of millions of dollars of Arab money is ready to be invested into hundreds of current and thousands of new tech startups stretching from Beer Sheva to Beit Shean.  


That’s just the beginning.  


Even without a formal treaty, Saudi Arabia might remove all legal and social stigma to investing directly in Israeli companies. That could mean billions of  Arab  investments  into transforming the cradle of civilization into its nerve center 



From Brain Drain to Mind Spring 


There are 3 million Jews living in New York and California and another 1 million living in Pennsylvania, Illinois, and New Jersey.  


If life becomes unbearable for Jews in these places and Israel continues to expand beyond anything anyone imagined, Israel will start to attract a lot of highly educated ambitious Jews who are willing to take a risk to make their personal and professional goals happen.  


There are millions of Asians and Indians who left their country for America for the same reason. If the best opportunity for a Jew is in Israel and he doesn’t need to do anything to get citizenship, there will be a lot of people taking their University diplomas with them on the next El Al flight.  


That will accelerate what is already happening.  


Hundreds of thousands of new immigrants will expand the manpower and number of businesses enjoying huge influxes of capital along with explosive organic growth.  


Will Israel Rule the Post-COVID-19 World? 


All of these trends have either begun, accelerated, or fully materialized.  


The coming decade will see changes on a scale never witnessed before – all sparked by the 18 months we all stayed inside.  


This world may see America and Europe sink under its debt or implode due to its instability and internal rot. A new Middle East may emerge as the most peaceful region on earth, realizing of the vision of Prince Muhammad Bin Salman of Saudi Arabia who sees this new region as the next Europe.  


We in Israel will be a part of it. We will be at the lead of this transformation which fulfills the promise Hashem makes to us that we will be at the head of nations, and not the tail.  


Now is the time to come home and be a part of this as well! Contact your local Nefesh B’ Nefesh office and see what’s possible or call them at 1-866-425-4924.  


* * * 

David Ben Horin lives in Israel with his wife and children. 



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