11 Shvat 5781 / Sunday, January 24, 2021 | Torah Reading: Beshalah
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Living in Israel Might Save Your Life    

Living in Israel Might Save Your Life

Rabbi Arush: "What is happening here in Israel is miracles and wonders! We are being guarded on High!" That's aside from the robust economy and no rising anti-Semitism...


Living in Israel Might Save Your Life 


Even before Hashem plagued the world with Coronavirus, Israel was a better place to live a long and healthy life. The life expectancy of a Jew living in Israel is over 84 years. We boast one of the most effective health care systems on earth, giving everyone basic health care at a price we all can afford. According to the United Nations, we rank 34 countries higher than America for lifetime longevity.  


If you are Jewish and you want to live long and strong, Israel is the place to be.  


The Coronavirus has made this fact of life even clearer 


It has been reported in New York that due to a lack of resources, if a paramedic finds someone not breathing, they must let them die.  


How many billions of dollars were misappropriated in the name of "social causes" when it really went to social influencers? For years, NYC was derelict in its duty to procure all the supplies necessary to provide for the sick and the elderly.  


The mayor blames the governor. The governor blames the president.  


To add insult to injury, local officials start to blame the Jews while over 750 of our brothers and sisters in the five boroughs have perished from this virus out of a Jewish population of 1.2 million. 


Israel has a Jewish population at least five times greater, but with less than a third of the causalities.  


A Jew living in Israel is 18 times more likely to survive Coronavirus than one living in New York.  



By the Numbers: How Much Safer Are You in Israel 


In New York, one out of every hundred New Yorkers got the virus and one out of every ten people who got it, died from it.  


In Israel, one out of every five hundred people got the virus, and if you got it, there was a 98.5% chance that you would survive.  


A Jew living in Israel is eight times less likely to get Coronavirus 



Surviving Near Economic Collapse in One Piece 


Even after borrowing a lot to keep businesses solvent, Israel is projected to end 2020 with a robust debt to GDP ratio of 77%. Its unemployment level is projected to be 10%. The US will have a debt ratio of over 115% of the size of its economy.  


The Israeli economy is bolstered by hi-tech, one of the least hit industries from the current recession. It also has one of the highest ratios of young workers to pensioners in the developed world.  


After the recession of 2008, Israel was one of the first nations to begin raising interest rates, signaling our economy was back to growth. It is likely we will be one of the first economies to resume growth after the post-coronavirus bounce back.  


We are also among the first countries to ease all lockdown restriction and to return to normal day to day life.   



Coming Together in a Time of Crisis 


The mayor of New York still refuses to talk  to  his  governor, despite being in the same political party 


In Israel, cooler heads prevailed to fight this thing together 


Prime Minister Binyamin and Knesset Speaker Benny Gantz ended 18 months and three elections  of  political  insanity by compromising on a unity government 


Despite the rage between the left and the right, our leaders made huge political sacrifices for the good of the nation. We are still able to come together to keep our country running.  


Back to Reality 


New York is still under severe lockdown with little end in sight.  


As Synagogues, Jewish Schools, and Yeshivot, and Chabad Houses all over the Holy Land reopen, New York officials have hinted at a possible opening up of Jewish places of worship for the high holidays.  


That means no minyanim for at least another four months. As Jewish children in Israel resume their studies while their parents pray with the minyan and attend live Torah shiurim, this is not possible in New York and it won’t be for a long time.  


While the IDF wrapped up its operations to protect the people of Bnei Brak, distributing food to the needy and taking personal care for the elderly that needed help, the NYPD is stalking every Jewish institution to issue a fine, execute a cease and desist order, detain our people, and even haul them off to jail.  


In Israel you can serve G-d the way He intended. In New York you cannot and will not for a long time.  


So, run for your lives!  


The Only Cure 


Come home to Israel.  


We welcome you with open arms.  


Start over in a place where you will never have to start over again.  


Feel safe in your Kippa and tzitzit. Walk the streets proudly in your Chai necklace.  


When another pandemic hits, find yourself in the safest, most resilient place on earth.  


Protect the earth by going to Beit Knesset with a minyan, learning Torah in a live class or with a study partner, or going to the grave of a Prophet, King, or great Torah Sage and recite Psalms to Hashem.  


Live a long, happy, holy, and healthy life in a place where your brothers and sisters and your Father … all have your back. 





Editor's Update: Rabbi Arush commented in his class on May 22, 2020 that "What is happening here in Israel is simply a wonder compared to the rest of the world. We can't understand it. The land of Israel is guarding us and the tzaddikim in the Land are guarding us, and the Torah we are learning here is guarding us. It's amazing. It's miracles. It's Hashem guarding us from on High."



David Ben Horin lives in Israel with his wife and children. 


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