12 Tishrei 5781 / Wednesday, September 30, 2020 | Torah Reading: Sukkot
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The Time Has Come    

The Time Has Come

In the aftermath of the recent terrorist attacks, the rabbis in Israel and abroad continue to debate, “Aliya or not”. What is Hashem telling us?


This article was originally posted in March, 2015. Its message still true today!


Hashem doesn't “tread water” - He moves forward with a master plan to bring the entire world to its tachlit, its destined purpose. The world doesn't stand in one place and the hands of the clock constantly revolve. Things are happening rapidly and we see that the world is different than what it was a decade or two ago, much less fifty years ago.


The only way to look at current events is from the angle of emuna. For a truth-seeker, there is no other way. With that important principle in mind, we no longer see, Iran, ISIS, world leaders – we only see Hashem. They are mere puppets in His hand.


The British authorities report a record number of anti-Semitic hate crimes and incidents. The same goes with Belgium, Germany, Norway and all other European countries that have ever-increasing Islamic populations. After the recent tragic terrorist attacks that killed four Jews in France and a Jew in Denmark, every European Jew must stop and ask himself, “What does Hashem want from us?”


Hashem loves His children dearly – that's a fact and a rule with no exceptions. Since He loves us so much, He is doing everything for our ultimate welfare. Yet, to live in denial – to look at events happening all around us and to say that they're random or that they don't affect me – is to turn a deaf ear to Hashem's messages.


Hashem's clock is racing toward Geula, the full redemption of our people. Part of Hashem's plan is the ingathering of the exiles, which we pray for thrice daily when we say mekabetz nidchei Yisrael during the Amida prayer. Hashem wants His children to come home as soon as possible. The process of imminent redemption together with the coming of Moshiach is unfolding before our very eyes. Hashem is prodding the Jews of Europe – and America as well[1] - to come home.


Doomsday prophecies are certainly not a part of our thinking or lexicon. We're not out to scare people; but, we must realize that Hashem doesn't want delays in His plan of things. If people lack the inclination to make Aliya, then Hashem must prod them. It would be so much more pleasant if they would make Aliya on their own initiative. There's a world of difference between coming to the Land of Israel as a new oleh rather than coming as a refugee in escape of life-threatening danger and hate, which is certainly on the rise in Europe.


The time has come to come home to the Land of Israel. Seek the truth, speak to Hashem and look at current events with eyes of emuna. Hashem will be happy to lead you on the right path as long as you desire it. Don't delay, and may we soon see you and your family here in the Land of Israel. It's the best place on earth – Hashem's garden of emuna.


[1]  Anti-Semitic hate crimes in the USA this year are up by 61%


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