10 Tishrei 5781 / Monday, September 28, 2020 | Torah Reading: Ha'azinu
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Where a Jewish Child is Safe    

Where a Jewish Child is Safe

Moving to Israel for the sake of your children’s spiritual future is the greatest self-sacrifice you can make for your children, the Jewish People, and for the Torah.


The problem is not that religion is being forced on others, the problem is that irreligion and secular values are being forced on people of faith.  American Attorney General William Barr 


Dressed in blue shirts and full skirts, my daughters are modesty in action. My wife and I never dreamed that we would send our children to Beis Yaakov. We are so happy that we did.  


Our girls learn math. They go on field trips throughout the North of Israel. They learn Torah and Tanach. This morning my wife and I were brought to tears listening to our youngest read the weekly Torah portion in perfect Hebrew. 


Let the politicians bark their election year demands for more secular studies for the Ultra-Orthodox Chareidim. There are over 1 million Charedim in Israel. When they all got together to mourn the passing of the Great Maran, Rabbi Ovadia Yosef zt”l, Jerusalem ground to a complete halt. When they tried to force a compulsory draft upon them, they united to protest and once again, the Holy City was paralyzed. With Hashem’s help, there will be no changes to their curriculum.  


Let the outside world poison their kids with the belief that what is abominable to Hashem is acceptable to man. Let them drink the deadly Kool aid that your actions mean nothing as long as you have the proper skin complexion, or you vote for the right candidate.  


In the Land of Israel, our children are safe to learn Torah. They are safe to feel comfortable in their own flesh. They are free to grow into the best Jews G-d put them on this earth to become 


The Only Option to Save our Future 


We are commanded to teach our children the Torah. This commandment is embedded in the Shema not once, but two times, which we recite three times a day every day of our lives.  


Living in non-Jewish lands, there is little Jews can do about municipal boards of education forcing Jewish children to learn secular subjects, even abominable ones. Despite having more money, influence, and power than at any point in the last 3,000 years, we haven’t been able to prevent even local governments from acting to defile our children. In response to this, some Rabbis are beginning to question if the Jews should remain in places where Jewish children are forced by law to learn that what G-d explicitly prohibits in the Torah is morally acceptable. 


A million Charedim will never let our children be poisoned by the writings of Oscar Wilde. No government in Israel has the power to change Torah education. They have already tried and failed. One way or another, these teachings will not come into Orthodox schools in Israel. 


We in Israel offer the greatest gift to loving Jewish parents: The chance to raise your children in Torah with no government interference whatsoever. The chance to do it without having to mortgage your home. The education system in Israel is amazing. 


It’s affordable. For around $1,500 a year, all your child’s education needs are met. Everything from books, to schooling, to field trips and special events come as part of the education package. Classes are in Hebrew, making reading the Torah a lot easier. This gives our children a huge advantage.  


As they learn, they are breathing in the holy air of the Land of Israel, which according to the Sages, make one wise. Field trips include Jerusalem, Sefad, Tiveria, the resting places of Holy Sages and Prophets, ancient sites where the men of the Gemara lived and taught and fought. 


You might be worrying about other subjects that kids need to learn to make a living these days. Torah schools teach math, science, and English, and there are multiple options for training colleges to learn various professions in a religious atmosphere 


The great game changer of today is technology. For less than $100 a month, you can access sites like Udemy or Skillshare and expose your child to hundreds of online courses on computer programming, writing, graphic design, languages, medicine, and more. With ease, you can supplement your child’s education to find out where their special G-d given gifts are.  


Moving to Israel to follow Hashem’s commandment to settle the Holy Land carries the weight of the entire Torah. Moving to Israel for the sake of your children’s spiritual future is the greatest self-sacrifice you can make for your children, the Jewish People, and for the Torah.  


When Ben David comes, in the merit of your toil and sacrifice, your children will be ready.  


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