7 Cheshvan 5781 / Sunday, October 25, 2020 | Torah Reading: Lech Lecha
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The Evil Inclination’s Favorite Weapon: Loneliness    

The Evil Inclination’s Favorite Weapon: Loneliness

Imagine a world where billions of people live by the Torah… the Yetzer Hora knows exactly how gorgeous that world would be, so he prevents us Noahides from moving...


Imagine a world where billions of people live by the Torah… the Yetzer Hora knows exactly how gorgeous that world would be, so he prevents us Noahides from moving toward that goal by using his favorite weapon: loneliness…
Imagine a world where billions of Gentiles live by the Torah.  How many jails would sit empty?  Cops would feel like the Maytag repair man.  Law schools would be begging for applicants.  Imagine the wars we could avoid.  Imagine resources going towards fighting disease and feeding each other.  Imagine feeling safe at night, never needing to lock your door...It’s almost impossible for me to imagine that Shangri-La.  My theory is that the Yetzer Hora knows exactly how gorgeous that world would be.  And he knows that a sure-fire way of keeping us from moving towards this is to use his favorite weapon: loneliness- something Noahides tend to know a good deal about given our small numbers.

Noahides tend to know a good deal about loneliness
We can’t let that nasty little Evil Inclination get the best of us.  So with the help of some good friends, we have located seasoned Bnei Noach from around the world who were willing to share concrete strategies for beating isolation. 
Some focus on talking to Hashem...
Francis from Singapore: Prayer- ...the soul is hungry for connection. The first
connection is prayer because we acknowledge Hashem as the Almighty, the Source, the King, our Father. ...Why would God say that when His temple is rebuilt, He called it a "House of Prayer for all nations"? Why would He declare that from "New Moon to New Moon, from Sabbath to Sabbath, all flesh shall worship me"? God delights in prayer.
Others focus on living in the moment...
Nancy from Oklahoma: Hashem is in control of everything and if you do today what comes to hand today, eventually you may understand what Hashem has in store for you.  We are isolated from each other geographically so it feels like we are alone in this world, but we are not alone. 
Many turn to bonds forged through cyberspace that are anything but virtual, while reaching out to new friends locally...
Pam from Oklahoma: I call other Noahides I’ve met on the internet, and even some I’ve met in person at our Sukkot and Hanuka parties.  My sister and her family work with us to do holidays together and as we do that, we invite people - even people who aren’t Bnei Noach because they’re curious.  Telling people about your beliefs also reinforces them for you.
Some are just so darn grateful, they never really feel lonely- a lesson in itself!
Alice from Texas:  I am so thankful daily that God made me who I am, I don’t worry about it – I’m not worshipping idols anymore!  I have Tanach, Torah, Arutz 7, the rabbis-  I just keep praying and stay open to Hashem.  My goal is to be the very best Noahide I can be and to be righteous before God. 
And some do all of the above! 
Marcus from Holland: Did the lack of community made me stronger in faith? It made me more dependant on G-d.  He and His Torah is all that I have!  There were times that I was very frustrated that I couldn't find answers to the many questions that I had.  So again the internet and books saved me from giving up.  Thank G-d for the many Hasidic and Noahide websites and books to learn more about the Noahide commandments and way of life.  But it's a lonely and hard road with stumbling, falling and getting up again.  That's the reason why I am really thrilled with this Noahide Siddur, it really helps filling a spiritual need.
* * *
I remember what Rabbi Brody once told me when I was feeling really defeated, “Alice, the last thing the Yetzer Hora wants is for a person to learn Torah.”  So these feelings are a trick.  They don’t reflect reality.  The reality is that we are never alone.  Hashem is always there with us- with anyone- when they are feeling alone.  When we remind ourselves of this fact, we open the door wider to Hashem, which gets us into the positive emotional and spiritual spiral.  Imagine feeling alone when you are in the presence of the King- not possible!  Now that’s simcha!   

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