13 Sivan 5779 / Sunday, June 16, 2019 | Torah Reading: Shelach Lecho
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How to Tell a False Religion    

How to Tell a False Religion

Hashem, Who rules the earth, doesn't change His Truth for likes, shares, or followers. He doesn't bend. His Truth is eternal and He blesses those who acknowledge it…


"David, there is one rule in improving your product. Only build what they ask for. If they complain that your software is too slow, then your 2.0 version should be faster. If you get an email saying that the prospect would have chosen you over your chief competitor If you offered a graphical interface, you know what should go to the top of your developer's to-do list."


There is one tell-tale sign of a false religion:


A marketing plan...


Marketing 101


For a hundred years, Christianity was seen as a tiny sect within Judaism. It was small, it never grew and even the Jews would do their best to contain them.


Enter a handful of Jews commonly known as "The Apostles." They looked around and saw that their religion wasn't gaining many followers. Instead of living their faith as the truth, they gaged their market.


At the time, the Romans were in charge. Most of their main pagan rites came from Egyptian deities because the people came back and forth from Egypt to Israel – which was were the Christians were "headquartered" at the time. The biggest holiday of the year took place in late December and it was an orgy of murder, lust, and anything you want. The Romans suspended all law and order for that time.


In order to gain followers, they needed a new truth.


To pacify a society that worshipped the body, gone went circumcision. The Torah was given an addon based on the magnum opus of the Egyptian paganism, called The Book of the Dead. The new holiday would be a rebranded form of Sturnella, which also took place at the end of December and the first day of January.


Within 2 centuries Christianity went from being a "persecuted" sect to the official religion of the Roman Empire.


It wasn't religion, it was repurposing.


Marketing 102


For 10 years Muhammad wandered the streets of Mecca preaching peace and the Bible. Close with the local Jewish community, he told stories about our Patriarchs.


It didn't do much. For an entire decade, his new religion didn't expand at all.


Then he took the pulse of his local demographic.


They love violence. Pillaging and plundering were what moved them.


He realized that if he put it on the menu of his new religion, his "prospects" would convert into customers a lot faster.


He needed a new truth. Enter jihad – the sixth pillar of Islam (there are 5). Enter conquest. Enter the spoils of war and the 72 virgin women who awaited you if you died doing what you loved most – fight, loot, and kill.


By the end of his life, Muhammad had millions of followers throughout an Islam empire that spanned all the way from the Arabian Peninsula to the Atlantic Ocean.


Such is the power of supply and demand.


Marketing 103


In the 19th century, all of Europe opened itself up to Jews who saw themselves as Germans, Frenchmen, and English first. The masses abandoned Torah for money, fame, and influence.


The average Jew wanted to be a part of European society more than anything else.


Two movements emerged to accommodate the Truth of Torah the wishes of "their" market. This is what spawned Conservative and Reform Judaism. The same desires are at the forefront of American Jewry which is how these two "reforms" to the truth gain so many followers.


The True Mark of the Real Faith


Hashem doesn't need to adapt to the market. He creates the people that make it up. He doesn't need to give the people what they want – He already did.


The Torah is Truth and Truth doesn't need to make repentance. We do. What our Creator demands from us doesn't change. That's up to us.  


Hashem doesn't market. He demands that we accept what is already on the counter. He is our True Rock – unchanging. It is up to us to see that our Rock on is really a huge priceless diamond of limitless wealth.


Hashem, Who rules the earth, doesn't change His Truth for likes, shares, or followers. He doesn't bend. His Truth is eternal and He blesses those who acknowledge it. If only a handful of people see it, like in the generations of Adam, Noah, Avraham, even today – then so be it. Ours isn't the first time in human history where millions ignored reality while just a handful withstood the heavy waves of deception.


That's how you know something is for real.


Today, where what is most moral is equated with what is most modern, it is up to us to stand alongside the Eternal and Unflinching Rule of Law we were given at Sinai.  



* * * 

David Ben Horin is the developer for The Aliyah Boot Camp, an online video course for anyone considering life in Israel. He also wrote The Great Life Hack, a guide to self-greatness by utilizing your deepest passions to get what you want. You can have this for free.

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