25 Kislev 5778 / Wednesday, December 13, 2017 | Torah Reading: Mikeitz
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The Big Boss    

The Big Boss

All I did was refuse to talk about sex in the office. Somebody asked me my thoughts on gays. I told them that such private things should not be talked about in the office…


"OMG, you are such a dweeb."


"Dov. Is that a name, or a bird?"


"Anyway, I find that unacceptable and closeminded. You must be a homophobe and a racist. I'm not sure if I am comfortable with you working here."


All I did was refuse to talk about sex in the office. Somebody asked me my thoughts on gays. I told them that any type of activity that happens in the privacy one's own bedroom should not be talked about in the office.


A lot of people were very pleased to hear it. Some weren't. They decided that I was anti this and anti that, a fascist, racist, you know the rest.


I just kept working. I thought it would blow over.


Then they started ganging up against me, finding fault in everything I did. This report wasn't formatted right. That report had the wrong figures. All of my ideas were laughed at.


What do I care. A paycheck is a paycheck and this nonsense has become part of a standard workday. After a while, I started bracing myself for the inevitable. With each phone call I prepared myself for that meeting where the VP of the department, which ends with me carrying all my personal belongings in a cardboard box waiting for the next train home.


"You just wait birdboy. When the CEO visits this office it's over for you. He will see how primitive and closed minded your influence has become. I cannot even work properlywhen you are around. He is coming in for a meeting next month, so buy some cream cheese because in 30 days you're toast."


I almost smiled at the poetry of his insult.


I got into more trouble. When the manager asked me why I didn't go to the company fun night, I told him that I have a family and they need me at home. When a bunch of guys were talking about their exploits at the club the night before, I simply fixed my coffee and walked away.


A couple of people admired me, but they were too petrified of the "power click" setting all the standards. They appreciated my courage, but didn't want to join me in the line of fire.


I kept doing my job. When I saw an opportunity to take the initiative to do something extraordinary, I did it. The VP smiled meekly. The 'cool people' ridiculed my ideas.


Every now and then they would stage a "solidarity meeting" discussing the things they believed in, like maybe there should be more minorities in the office. When I told them that 45% of the company was staffed with women, and that we even employ 15% Arabs, they wanted to stone me. The minorities they were referring to weren’t women or Arabs.


They emailed me subtle messages, all with a number on top. It was the number of days until the CEO made his first visit to the local office. They were ready to make him a new member of their crew, and to send "birdboy" flying outta there.


The day arrived. The CEO came in. As always, everyone wore t-shirts. The "cool people" sported scrubby half-beards. The CEO came in wearing a suit and a tie. He had an expensive watch, gold cufflinks, and a top of the line haircut. Everything about him said 5-star.


The power crew started rambling on about "company values." Openness, tolerance, diversity, and the entire shtick. They looked so proud of themselves. One of them even surreptitiously gave me a "bye, bye" wave as if this were to be my last day.


Then the CEO spoke.


"Where is Dov?"


I stood up. As usual, I was wearing my button-down shirt with khaki pants, proud of the haircut my wife gives me every other week.


"Congratulations. You are the new Head of Sales. Let's get a cup of coffee and talk about all those emails you were sending. How soon can we put these plans into execution?"


Welcome to the world we live in.


Nobody ever actually met the CEO. We knew the companies he worked for in the past. We knew the code of ethics he demanded from his employees. I was the only one there who followed those rules. Nobody even bothered to read up on the guy – like the time he was caught reading his executive's emails. They were on the company server so he had the legal right to do so.


When asked why he did this, he simply said, "I want to know what my people are really thinking."


The CEO in our story is G-d. The "power click" are the Korachs of this world using the most lethal tools to convince us that those who foolishly succumb to whatever blend of man-made morality is en vogue today are the only ones with a future.


They harass anyone who dares to do the research, learn what G-d wants of us, and completely ignore their ridiculous moral fads. Boy do they get mad when you stand up for the Truth. They use everything in their arsenal to make you feel like you’re primitive, a bigot, a mindless robot...


A Nazi.


They are Amalekites who sow doubt into your emuna that the rules set out by the True Boss are the only ones that matter.


It is only when the CEO comes to the office that He implements His Truth. Even if it isn't until Moshiach comes. Even if it isn't until we leave this world and return to the World of Truth. There will come a time where we all stand before the CEO and have to account for what we did while at the office.


He will make His decision.


Those who follow His rules diligently have a future. They are certainly going places.


Those who don't, are also going places.



* * *

Dovber Halevi develops the website www.proudlycandid.com where you can find 1,001 Reasons to Love Israel.

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