8 Tishrei 5781 / Saturday, September 26, 2020 | Torah Reading: Ha'azinu
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The Melitzer Rebbe Shlit'a    

The Melitzer Rebbe Shlit'a

The handwriting analyst’s jaw dropped. I asked him if something was wrong. He answered, “On the contrary! This individual has phenomenal leadership qualities...


“The problem of the ‘religious’ public is that they think they have enough emuna; that’s not true!” The Melitzer Rebbe, sharp as a razor and tough as steel, doesn’t tolerate mediocrity, especially in the service of Hashem. At age 64, he’s still trim and muscular. Those who want to walk beside him have to run to keep up. He’s a zealot about time, squeezing the holiness out of every waking minute to learn more, to pray more, and to help more people.
Not long ago, I met an old friend of mine, a leading handwriting analyst who does consulting for such important clients as the military and the law enforcement agencies. I showed him a handwritten letter that I received recently from the Melitzer Rebbe shlit’a. The handwriting analyst’s jaw dropped in amazement. I asked him if something was wrong. He answered, “On the contrary! This individual has phenomenal leadership qualities, like the type you’d see in a Napolean or a head of state; if he wasn’t a rebbe, he’d have probably been the Prime Minister or at least the Chief of Staff of the army. His IQ is way past 150, but he’s a practical person with a sharp sense of humor. His integrity is remarkable – straight as an arrow. He’s iron when it comes to principles, but pudding when it comes to the needs of other people. There’s one more salient characteristic here – he’s not afraid of anyone on earth. I’ve never seen an individual like this!”
If the handwriting analyst would have seen the penmanship of the Baal Shem Tov, Rebbe Elimelech of Lizensk, or Rebbe Yechiel Michal of Zlatchov, then he would have probably seen similar characteristics, for all three of blessed memory are great grandfathers of Grand Rabbi Naftali Asher Yeshayahu Moscowitz, internationally known as the Melitzer Rebbe shlit’a, from the city of Ashdod Isarel.
The Melitzer Rebbe is not only a Chassidic Rebbe, but a qualified “posek” and scholar of monumental proportions. Among his published books include the “Perot HaIlan” halacha series which currently consists of one volume that elaborates on the laws of the four species, another that elaborates on the laws of Chol HaMoed, and two more volumes on the way that elaborate on the laws of Chanukka and family purity. The Melitzer Rebbe’s linear Hebrew commentary on the Book of Psalms, “Nefesh Chaya – HaTehillim HaMevuar.” is a best seller in Israel.
Extremely courageous and a warrior for truth, the Melitzer Rebbe doesn’t look for the popular stances to take. Frequently swimming against the strong currents of convenience and conformism, he stands up for what he feels is right. He’s fully aware that many Orthodox highbrows –even some of his relatives - will turn up their noses to the idea of a leading Rebbe giving an interview to an internet site, and a Breslever one at that! Yet, the Rebbe has tremendous esteem for Breslev and particularly for Rabbi Shalom Arush shlit’a. He also feels that a true spiritual leader has a duty to reach all of our brethren, even though they live far from the centers of Judaism and Chassidut. “They too have the right to hear the words of kedusha, of holiness,” says the Melizer Rebbe emphatically.
Here are a few of the Melitzer Rebbe’s eye-opening remarks to Breslev Israel, each a banner headline it itself:
* The biggest problem of the Jewish people today is that they don’t know that they’re sons and daughters of The King!
* A mass call for Aliya is irresponsible; each case should be determined on its own merits.
* The Noahides will have a full share in the Geula; they make the world a paradise.
* The holy gravesite at Uman is not a matter just for Breslevers; it symbolizes the global battle between holiness and impurity.
* The problem of the “religious” public is that they think they have enough emuna; that’s not true! Everyone needs to read The Garden of Emuna!
See and hear the interview in its entirety here:

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