13 Kislev 5781 / Sunday, November 29, 2020 | Torah Reading: Vayeitzei
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Rabbi Arush's Weekly Spiritual Exercises    

Rabbi Arush's Weekly Spiritual Exercises

Are you interested in building your emuna muscles to peak performance? Rabbi Arush is starting a simple exercise program that will change your life!


Are you interested in building your emuna muscles to

peak performance? 


Rabbi Arush is starting a simple exercise program that will

change your life! 



Rabbi Arush is starting a new exercise program for the new year 5781 – a program of spiritual exercises. 


Every week Rabbi Arush will give us another exercise to do.  Each exercise takes only 10 minutes a day, so it’s easy enough to fit into any busy schedule! Step by step, each exercise builds on the previous one, until you attain perfect and complete emuna – emuna shleima 


What does “perfect emuna” mean? Heaven on Earth! I think that’s worth just a few minutes a day for a few weeks to attain! 


Please note that these exercises will be easier if you have read/are reading The Garden of Emuna, which teaches the foundations of emuna, understanding reward and punishment, and how to connect to Hashem and have a happy, successful life filled with purpose and meaning. 


You can join the program at any time. Just start with the first week, and build week by week. And if you drop off, just pick up where you left off! 

Get Ready for the Spiritual Exercises in 1-2-3 

  1. 1. Get your friends to join the program! Friends will keep you motivated to continue with the exercises, and you can encourage each other. Your Emuna Coach for these spiritual exercises is going to be Harav Arush himself!  

  1. 2. Get a notebook to make notes for yourself. Or, print out this article and make notes in the margins. Whatever works for you! 


  1. 3. If you have your own notebook, mark each week's exercise in bold and in a different COLOR. For those who print out this article, we'll do the same here. 


Let’s get started! 



Exercise for Week 1  For 10 minutes, ask Hashem to give you emuna - specifically the emuna that Hashem loves you ALWAYS.  


Hashem loves you  like  an  only  child   without  interests,  without  bounds,  without  any  connection  to  your  actions.  If  this  is  how  a hu