18 Sivan 5779 / Friday, June 21, 2019 | Torah Reading: Shelach Lecho
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2016: The No-Choice Choice    

2016: The No-Choice Choice

If Donald and Hillary are the only two choices, it must mean that Hashem can use either one of them in moving the world in the direction that He wants it to go...


The Jewish ideal of a good president is a person, who not only has the right kind of knowledge and skill to run the country, but is also a person whose ethics and morality is beyond reproach. So what is a thinking Jew supposed to do if there are only two choices – voting for an arrogant, nasty megalomaniac or a pathological liar who’s been involved in all kinds of scandals and cover-ups?


Some people say: “Well why should I vote at all!? There’s really no one to vote for! They’re both terrible!”  But as anyone who reads this website knows – this is the wrong question to ask. And why is that? Because since we know that everything is coming from G-d, the question that we should all be asking is: “Who does G-d want for president?”


G-d certainly has a plan for us despite how ridiculous the candidates are –  so If Donald and Hillary are the only two choices, it must mean that G-d can use either one of them to fulfill  a necessary role in moving the world in the direction that He wants it to go. And who knows, perhaps G-d prefers one candidate over the other and that one can get in based upon the behavior of the Jewish people.


So what direction does G-d want for the world? We don’t have prophets today to tell us what G-d wants, but we can make “educated guesses” based on what prophets of old have said and how our Rabbis interpret those prophesies. Everybody knows that the world, as we know it, will exist for 6000 years and then come to an end. After that, many marvelous things are predicted to happen. We also know, from our prophets and Rabbis, that there are very specific events that must take place before the 6000 years come to an end - for example that a Messiah (Moshiach ben Yosef) will come; and that there will be a war between Israel and certain nations (which Israel will win through great miracles); that the Messiah will rebuild the holy temple; and that a second Messiah will then appear (Moshiach ben Dovid) who after 2000 years of exile, with miracles the world has never seen,  will elevate the status of Israel and the Jewish people in the eyes of the world in order to fulfill G-d’s Plan for us to serve as the spiritual leaders and teachers for the other nations.  These are not just goals for the future, these are events that we know must happen and that G-d is going to make happen one way or another.


The question is really how each candidate might further this messianic process that we are already living through. When we look at the election from the perspective of what G-d wants and not just through the way we naturally think, we don’t have to worry so much about Donald’s incredible narcissism and Hillary’s difficult relationship with the truth. I will examine these qualities and others in the candidates but only to see how they might fit into G-d’s ultimate plan for Israel and the world. Certainly their personalities will effect things in different ways.


There is one more thing that we need to be familiar with before we can fully appreciate how each candidate could possibly fit into G-d’s plan and that is something called the “creation calendar.” Imagine a calendar that has six days and one Shabbos.  Each of the six days is 1000 years and when Shabbos comes that is the end of days as we know it. How close are we to the end? We are much closer than people think. Presently we are past mid-day on Friday afternoon. That means all of the above must happen before Shabbos comes plus another 210 years for the resurrection of the dead. The resurrection of the dead will take 210 years because not everyone will get up at the same time. It will depend on how materialistic the person was. The more the person was attached to materialism in this world the longer it will take for him to “get up.” Just imagine how much has to happen in the world even before the resurrection of the dead.


Now having said all of this let’s get back to the election and consider three things: 1. What is the current situation that the next president of the United States is about to face, and 2. What are the psychological profiles of Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton,  and 3. How do their respective personality styles, personal histories and current day values fit with G-d’s plan for the world.


The State of the World


  • The countries of Esau (essentially the U.S., Europe and Russia) have been “on top” for the last 2000 years since the time of the holy Temple when the Jews were “on top.”


  • Torah observant communities continue to flourish around the world despite the Holocaust (which sought to wipe out the Jewish people completely) and Zionism (which sought to transform Torah Judaism into gefilte fish and kugel


  • The U.S. (which represents the “good” part of Esau) has been very hospitable to Jews and Torah learning up to the present day.


  • Putin, the leader of Russia was orphaned and raised by an orthodox Jewish family, and because of that, he has great respect and appreciation for the Jewish people. Putin recently  told the Chief Rabbi of Russia and other Rabbis at a meeting that he believes that the secret to the Jews’ survival has been “your Torah and your Rabbis.” Can you imagine Brezhnev, Gorbachev or Stalin saying such a thing? Putin has also donated large amounts of money to a Jewish museum in Russia and is welcoming the frightened Jews of terror-ridden Europe to come to Russia for safe haven. Putin is potentially a strong ally for Israel.


  • Militant Islam which could never compete with Esau’s countries was first empowered in 1989 when Hillary Clinton’s husband, Bill invited Yasser Arafat to the white house more than any other statesman, and when in 1994, Yasser Arafat won the Nobel Peace Prize.


  • Islamic violence and barbarism is no longer confined to the Middle East, it now has a strong foothold in the United States and Europe - who are in many ways less able to defend themselves against terror than Israel is.


  • President Obama, who was also awarded the Nobel Peace Prize, signed a deal with Iran (Paras, in the Torah), the most violent and barbaric nation on earth, that will legalize their possession of nuclear arms in the near future. (Paras is also the nation that is prophesized to war with Israel prior to the messianic era)


  • The U.S. rate of unemployment is very high and there is terrible poverty though out the land.


Who are Donald and Hillary?


Hillary Clinton is the daughter of a highly abusive father who victimized her and her siblings. Her choice of Bill Clinton, a known womanizer, as a husband, a man whose affairs and scandals preceded their meeting, was a continuation of the victim role that she was accustomed to with her father. Hillary became a classic enabler and co-addict.  She has consistently blamed the other women in her husband’s life (or herself) for Bill’s infidelity, but she has never been able to face the fact that her husband is a sexual addict who needs treatment.


A capacity for introspection, self-awareness and connection to her real feelings are not Hillary’s strong points. She tends to avoid conflict where her husband is concerned. Bill Clinton’s behavior with “Monica” was publicized all over the world. His behavior demoralized millions of people. She watched as her husband destroyed his reputation and dishonored his family and country. But she could not assert herself with her husband other than reportedly sleeping on the couch for several weeks. Can you imagine the shame that Hillary experienced? It is impossible that she could be confident of herself as a person and as a woman because she never received affirmation of her womanhood by her husband. But despite her pain, Hillary, the consummate politician, used the situation to play the martyr role. She became the champion of victims everywhere and has tried to market herself as a strong advocate for families and children. Unfortunately though, Hillary is not able to assert her real feelings. If her emotional equilibrium is threatened, as it was by her militaristic father or by her unfaithful husband, she doesn’t know how to manage her feelings, communicate directly and take appropriate action. Instead she is likely to deal with unpleasant feelings and situations in clandestine ways. Let’s take some known examples:


  • She hid the fact that she failed the D.C. bar exam [supposedly not one of the more difficult exams] from her close personal friends as long as she could.


  • Because Hillary has always had difficulty in being truthful with herself about her feelings, she has had a difficult relationship with the truth in general. Her record shows that she is neither trustworthy or honest. Whether it was her work on the Nixon impeachment, whitewater (where she was suspected of illegal real estate activity) or “the server” where she still denies that she used her personal email to send and receive information that was marked top secret despite FBI findings to the contrary. (FBI director James Comey said that 110 emails in 52 email chains contained classified information and he specified that Hillary was on 7 of those chains that were marked top secret).


  • As Secretary of State Hillary was criticized for denying requests for additional security at the American consulate in Libya prior to its being attacked by Islamic militants. The attack led to the death of U.S. Ambassador Christopher Stevens and another U.S. Foreign Service person, Sean Smith. (This is a particularly important example as it may shed light on her indecisiveness when under attack by terrorists. She is likely to “freeze” as she did with her father and with her husband)


Donald Trump is of German ancestry. His father was a cold distant hard working man who sent Donald off to a military school when he was 13 years old – not because Donald was a behavior problem but because he didn’t want to be bothered raising a son. Donald clearly did not receive the parental love and admiration that he needed. This explains his need to see his name in lights everywhere he goes. More than any other characteristic, Donald Trump is defined by his absolute defiance. He will not back down to anybody because in his mind there is nobody who knows better than he does what America needs or how we should deal with Islamic terrorists and threat of nuclear war.


Donald Trump is estimated to be worth 8 billion dollars. Just to make this figure a bit more real, a billion is 1000 million. So with about 8000 million dollars, Trump says that he can’t be bought by political interest groups. This is a very important consideration as most politicians, even those who want to keep their pre-election promises, cannot because they need money – Trump is not likely to sacrifice his need to get his way for a bribe of a mere ten million dollars. That’s nothing to him. Trump’s popularity is based on his being different. People are sick of politicians. Trump, who has absolutely no public service experience, was able to defeat heavy weight governors and senators and defied being controlled by rich people in the Republican Party who absolutely hate him.


Trump has become the champion of the middle class by his promise to “make America great again” and his unwillingness to negotiate with terrorists. The fact that he won’t be influenced by any donors or sponsors does give him tremendous leverage. It is possible that unlike Hillary he could actually deliver on what he says. Trump’s megalomania will not allow him to back down to Iran or anyone who threatens him – not because he is such a “good person” (he is highly selfish and self-serving and says many foolish things) but because he must win at all costs. He is an incredibly insecure person who compensates for this by getting in anyone’s face. Unlike Hillary, who really cares what her husband and others think of her, Trump will stand his ground and defy everybody. He doesn’t care how many people hate him because he is sure that he is superior to them all. If the Islamic terrorists pushed Trump too far, which they already have, he would stand up to the entire world by warring with Iran.


It’s also interesting to consider that Trump has done business with a lot of Jewish people in real estate over the years. He has orthodox people working for him and advising him. And his business will someday go to his children who seem to be loyal to him.  His daughter is a convert who keeps Shabbos. He is not well-liked by everyone he does business with, but Trump does seem to recognize that Jews are productive and hard working. Loyalty is everything to him.


Trump literally says whatever he is thinking. To say that he lacks manners is a gross understatement. He has openly expressed his wish to remove Muslims from the United States until he knows who they are. Can you imagine Hillary in a debate with Trump? It will be like putting her in a tank with a shark that hasn’t eaten for 5 weeks. She will be his dinner. She is vulnerable to him in so many areas and he will say absolutely everything that he has on her. It won’t be pretty. The networks will do very well that night; nobody will want to miss it.


Everything considered it’s possible that the words of our prophets could potentially be carried out through Israel becoming allied with the two biggest countries of Edom (Esau). With the U.S. through Trump and with Russia through Putin who also likes Jews. It is possible that Edom and Russia will join with Israel in the prophesized war with Islam and defeat them. Of course we can’t be sure it will happen this way. It is just one possibility of how G-d could pick world leaders with certain character traits to fulfill His will. Of course G-d can make it happen through Hillary as well. If elected, she will certainly be more sympathetic to militant Islam and terrorism in general than Trump will be so the process could involve more bloodshed, G-d forbid – but in the end, as with everything in the world, the result will depend on the behavior of the Jewish people. It will depend, as Rabbi Arush says, on our level of emuna and the number of mitzvos we do (keeping G-d’s commandments) as opposed to committing sins.


There is no doubt that we are getting close to the end. We see the redemption process in full swing. We see the ingathering of Jews to Israel from the four corners of the world. We have seen the establishment of Israel in 1948 and the reclaiming of Jerusalem in 1967. The Jewish people are the only people in history that have re-established their own country after being exiled 2000 years ago (even though Israel is not yet ruled by Torah authorities, this can be seen as part of the process of redemption). We have also seen the resurrection of the Hebrew language which also was not used for thousands of years and is now spoken by millions of Jews.  All of these are events that are moving us closer to the messianic era. May G-d hear our prayers and accept our repentance and take us through this process in the easiest possible way.


The author is grateful for the teachings of Rabbi Mendel Kessin, from Lakewood, NJ.



* * *

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