21 Sivan 5779 / Monday, June 24, 2019 | Torah Reading: Korach
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The Pro-Palestine Jews    

The Pro-Palestine Jews

He won't admit to himself that the only barometer of his self-worth comes from how much he has, what he owns, and how far he has climbed the ladder of professional success…


Why are so many Jews pro-Palestine?


It's got nothing to do with politics. It's got less to do with religion. The reason why many Jews hate Israel, is exactly what is keeping you from performing the mitzvah that the Rambam equates to every other.


But first we have to follow the money.


Imagine you are a liberal American Jew. You weren't raised in Torah so you have no clue about how great it feels to connect to Hashem. Not understanding why anyone performs mitzvot, the Jews that are observant look like freaks. In fact, they are downright obnoxious. How dare they parade in front of everyone something that means nothing? If they get nothing positive out of being Jewish, other than a day of not eating and listening to prayers they don't understand, why draw attention to it?


What is Israel to the average liberal American Jew? It's an extension of their inheritance: A burden to bear with no upside in sight.


An American Jew works hard to get into a good college. He pushes himself to live up to his parents’ expectations, who made it big themselves. He worries nonstop about being outdone by his friends. He might not admit it to others, and he certainly won't admit it to himself, but the only barometer of his self-worth comes from how much he has, what he owns, and how far he has climbed the ladder of professional success.


All the while he is dreaming of sitting at a bar in the most exclusive country club sharing cocktails with Jared Kushner and Marc Mezvinsky.


He may not be able to get there, but he needs to make sure that his path is going in that direction.


Enter Israel.


Through the lens of the unaffiliated, Israel is the roadblock. He knows, on some level, that Israel is his home. He senses that he belongs there, and not here. Israel is his constant reminder that he is supposed to exchange his path to greatness for a place that offers less of what he wants. Even if there was something, he can't find it because he doesn't know the language, and doesn't understand the economy.


To a nonobservant Jew, Israel is jumping off a cliff into a never-ending abyss.


What does he do? What would you do if you saw it that way?


You desperately look for a way out.




He says, "Israel is for the religious. I am a reformed Jew."


"Zionism is for racists. I value diversity."


"I cannot live where they commit human rights violations against the Palestinians."


He's doesn’t mean it. He never did. He is just expressing his true feelings:


I have no idea how to achieve in Israel what I have been trying to accomplish in America.


What if harping on politics, and the "situation" in the Middle East is the worst way to go about promoting Zionism? What if playing the broken record of "The truth is not what the media tells you" is not helping matters.


What if we forgot to champion Israel as a place to succeed?


Brian Tracy and Tom Hopkins are the best sales trainers in the business. They both say the same about decision making: We do not make choices based on logic. We make decisions based on emotion, and use logic to justify them.


If that is the case, then the raw emotions behind the Israel-hating of so many Jews is really this: I hate Israel for getting in the way of my lifelong dreams. They are using accusations of extremism, racism, and oppression as justifications for their daily decision to abandon their mission.


What if we put as much energy into the miracles of Start Up Nation? What if we replaced all the articles about Zionism with examples of how people succeeded here? What if we replaced the need for Zionists with the need for English speaking salesman, marketers, venture capitalists, content writers, and programmers? What if we focused on the quality of life anyone in Israel can expect: living by the Mediterranean Sea, 100 National Parks, 5000 years of history, food from everywhere on earth, and the whole world talking about you?


Then they will listen.


It's pointless to explain about how we treat Palestinians better than most when the reason someone brings up this issue has nothing to do with how we treat Palestinians!


Once someone is convinced that they can live a top quality life in Israel, we won't have to convince them. They will find new justifications to make new decisions. Youtubes by Danny Dannon demonstrating clearly how good we have been to all our Arab neighbors will penetrate their mind, and impact their opinion. The voices crying out "human rights violations" will become annoying.


It's up to every Jew living outside the Land to research our job market, and discover how they can have everything they want within the borders G-d gave us.


If we want to hasten the coming of Moshiach with the merit of more Jews performing the all-encompassing mitzvah, it's up to us to show them how Israel can be the Land of their dreams.



* * *

Dovber Halevi runs the website http://www.proudlycandid.com/. On it you can find 1,001 Reasons to Love Israel.

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