22 Sivan 5779 / Tuesday, June 25, 2019 | Torah Reading: Korach
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One Kind Word    

One Kind Word

That short conversation made me realize how important it is to be nice to others. A small kind word can deeply touch a person, even though it may not have any effect on us…


Okay, I’ll try to be serious.


This time I only had three of them so things were pretty calm. At least, until they saw these watermelon-shaped ice cream bars that cost more than an XL Double Frappuccino at Starbuck’s. And then it was all over.


The whining, the “pleeeezzzzeeeee???” the promises to do whatever I asked, G-d what is that smell?? I’m sorry.


After wasting way too much time in what I knew would be a losing battle, I finally gave in and bought the stupid overpriced popsicles. One of these days I’m gonna toughen up. Truth is, I was dying to see how sugary they really were, so obviously I couldn’t just buy one for myself. I mean, I could have, but that would have been so mean, no?


Predictably, the popsicle tasted like pure sugar with more sugar added and absolutely no watermelon flavor. I walked back to the garbage-mobile, dry cleaning in one hand and drippy, overpriced popsicle in the other. (Can you tell how upset I was about the popsicle? I could make a whole Seinfeld episode out of it.)


I had parked a little close to the car on my left, but of course I did because these parking spots are meant for Smart cars, not “mini” vans. There was an older man standing in between my driver’s side and the passenger side of his car, so I said to him without thinking, “Here, let me pull out first to make it easier for you.”


No big deal, right?


Well. He stopped trying to open the door, turned to look at me and said, “You are the first woman in 20 years who cared about making it easier for me.”


Say wha’?


I was so shocked that I mumbled something ridiculous as I stumbled into my car, dripping melting sugar running down my hand.


Listen up, peeps. I’m in no way bragging about what I said, because it really wasn’t a big deal. To me, that is.


But it was obviously a big deal to him.


That short conversation made me realize how important it is to be nice to others. A small kind word can deeply touch a person, even though it may not have any effect on us.


I think this is especially true when those kind words are words of encouragement. You’re probably going to roll your eyes at my example, but I remember when one of my Zumba teachers commented that I was very good and that I should be teaching. That moment pushed me to another level.


It gave me so much motivation, and looking back at these past two years since she’s said it, I’ve improved tremendously in my dancing and weight training. For her, those words didn’t mean much. But for me, they literally gave me the boost I needed to push myself beyond what I thought my capabilities were.


Most of us don’t walk around with sour looks on our faces. We don’t wear T-shirts that say, “Here is what I’m going through right now” on the front and whatever tough situation it is on the back. Though that would be pretty cool. I bet I could make a lot of money selling T-shirts like that. Yeah! When people place their order they could personalize their issue and I’ll print it up on the back. Love it!


Just watch, someone’s going to copy my million-dollar idea.


My point is that we don’t know what someone else is going through. All of us have challenges that range from difficult to impossible, and ALL of us can use a little encouragement or just a few darn nice words.


Oh, and this especially goes for kids! They need kind words and encouragement like I need a new pair of shoes! In other words, we can’t get enough!


So share the love, people. You might make someone’s day.


You know, I’m so inspired by my article, I think I’ll actually take my own advice for once and try this with my hubby. On second thought… maybe not. ;)))


Feel free to send Racheli your questions, particularly in the areas of marriage, dating, child-rearing and women's role; write her at racheli@breslev.co.il

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