13 Sivan 5779 / Sunday, June 16, 2019 | Torah Reading: Shelach Lecho
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Peace Without Fences    

Peace Without Fences

Hashem called us a kingdom of priests, His treasured people, a people that is supposed to make the world a better place, tikkun olam, repairing the world...


At Sinai we received the Torah.  Hashem gave us the Torah, one Torah for all of us, no denominations or different traditions, but one Torah, one tradition for all of the Jewish people. Korach thought he knew better.  He revolted against Moshe and was able to influence a large group of people to side with him and revolt with him. The result was disastrous.  Many of our brethren lost their lives, swallowed up by the earth.
If the consequence for deviating from our Torah had such big consequences back then, what makes us think or believe that this would be different nowadays?  Within Judaism people have created different groups and denominations.  This is not the Jewish way. There is one Torah, one way, one tradition for all of us. If any individuals are not able to keep some or maybe many of the mitzvot, that does not give them the right to create a group to make their opinions and shortcomings legal.  The only legal way is the Torah as it was transmitted by Moshe back at Sinai. All of us walk our own path in life, our own path of tikkun. We are all here to learn, so if and when you are not able to keep all the mitzvot be honest with yourself, nobody is perfect.  Just be honest and look at where you are standing and move on from there.  All of us are here to better ourselves, to learn.  Take it up in your hitbodedut.  Ask Hashem to help you, to open your eyes and show you where you need help strengthening, and try your best day by day.
We, the Jewish people, are all brothers and sisters, one big family.  We are back in our home land, the land Hashem promised us, and gave us: the exiles are returning home Baruch Hashem. But the dangers are always around us.  We fight amongst each other, and the result is the nations fight us, that is how it works, this is how Hashem relays his messages to us. Do we really think that by putting fences around our country that we would be safe?  Think again, only Hashem can keep us safe. And Hashem communicates with us through messages, subtle, yes, but if we do not heed the messages the heat does get turned up, like a parent with his children.  We are Hashem's children. Think back to the waves of rockets on our southern cities, the wars we had to live through.  Our dangers seem to be never ceasing. We put fences between one another and Hashem puts fences around us.  Did we get the message? Nope.
The messages are so easy to get if we only open our eyes.  Talk to Hashem and you will see that the message and the act, and/or the fault are connected to one another. We need more and more fences around our country to keep our people safe, why?  Because we put more and more fences between our people, we create more and more groups, add new groups as we go, and for what reason?  Really, why do we need to be known as belonging to a certain group, or identify with  particular groups?  We are all individuals that came down here for our specific soul corrections, therefore the only way to do this is to be ourselves. The other person already was a personality down here on earth, you came down here for your own tikkun. It is our ego that wants reassurance.  It is our ego that puts us in little rooms so “it” (the ego) feels safe. Do not forget that whenever we put the ego in charge we ease Hashem out, we distance ourselves from him. The letters themselves show it:  “E”, easing, “G”, G-d, “O”, out.  Whenever the “ego” runs our lives we are easing Hashem out.
Now we are at the point where we need fences at our holy kotel, to keep our people, a people of peace, from hurting each other. What a shame!  We, a people of peace, have to be kept in line, prevented from hurting each other physically, at the kotel?  Think it through. How many more messages do we need before we get it? We are the Israelites.  Hashem called us a kingdom of priests, His treasured people, a people that is supposed to make the world a better place, tikkun olam, repairing the world.  This can never be accomplished by anger, nor by judging each other, but only by example. Each person as an individual has to be an example. Aaron the kohen gadol loved peace more than anything.  Love peace and pursue peace. Only by this will our people continue to be, to grow, to shine!!...

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